Troy Smith and Tanner Marsh extended

The Als/Jim Popp have announced that QBs Troy Smith and Tanner Marsh "have agreed to a pair of three year contracts,securing both pivots with the club until 2013."

Good news!



Probably meant until 2016.. else this means we have them for 11 days. :wink:

Great news, having 2 good QB options is paramount in this league nowadays.. I also like that one is older/more experienced, and the other naturally fits into the young aspiring QB mold.
A year ago I wouldn't have thought I would be writing this today.

No guarantee either will ultimately be the one to lead us for years to come, but at least we've some signs of their potential to do so. Now let's hope they get a good OC & QB coach .

I'm surprised they signed before Calvillo confirmed his retirement.

My mistake. It shall read through 2016.

Maybe i was thinking too much about Jim Popp's birthday. He will be 49 tomorrow.


Great news for you guys, I would think Popp already knows that AC will retire.

Maybe this is a good sign that within the org, everyone already knows AC will retire, even though the official announcement won't be until January...

I hope he retires and goes out with class, although he probably feels like he'd want to go out on a more positive note. The Al's can't guarantee him the starting QB job if he doesn't retire.

I really like our QB, Troy Smith and Tanner Marsh. Smith, in my estimation, showed he belonged to the team and, the Cfl in general by his play last season. I liked his attitude towards his co-players, his respect for the level of play in the CFL and, our coaches. I saw him completing passes both long and short, with a good spiral and I believe he showed good arm strength. He can also run, with reasonable power and, the defenders facing him, will have more questioning to do as he is most definitely will call plays in which is the QB is the runner. The QB draw especially will be a good item in the team's offense. Further, we will finally have an offense system which features a run by the QB, something we have lacked over the years.

Our receivers, Bruce, Duron and Green give Smith some quality receivers. There will be questioning at training camp with respect to both London and Richardson. The former with respect to his horrible play last year and, Richardson's health issue and longevity are question marks. Should I be Popp. I would add one import and, define a Canadian receiver as a priority for 2014. This means Deslauriers will have competition for the wide slot.

We selected two DTs in the draft last season and, Klasson was moved into the starting rotation. The second DT selection Hoam Shahin will be playing his final year at Rice University. It would be neat should he prove to be another NI DT as. these are a rare commodity. Now, if we can retain the others in our all Canadian O Line ( especially Burke ) we will be commanding at that position. At running back Sutton looked awfully good last season although, we have to question Whitakers physically ability to continue at RB this coming season. Messam has to also be questionable this coming season. We do require a blocking back ( I can't recall Zaleski's play last season ), perhaps the CIS might provide this? AS for Messam, I don't recall his play as a blocking back last season. Certainly he has the physical strength for this. But, I do recall him picking up a few short passes l early last season and, turning them into great yardage plays. With his bulk and strength would he be suitable for the blocking back/ screen pass dual role. As a running back Messam, beginning his runs from a stable position, failed to bring the ball over the goal line twice in one early game last season but, once Messam gets up a head of steam, he really is difficult to bring down. Perhaps position change might give Messam a role in 2014?

WE just have to bring back the defenders of last season to again be formidable. We have the coaching element as our greatest area of concern in 2014. That it was questionable last year has to be acknowledged. Nothing appears even nearly settled at this stage. Its time for Popp to now step up. Should he return as coach? Perhaps it could be too late now to meet coaching needs.

I have noted before that Tanner Marsh has all the physical tools to develop into a great running/ passing QB.

Two things I noticed last season about Messam as a receiver were that if he caught a pass while moving forward (i.e., towards the endzone) he caught more balls and could generate some yards, but if he was stationary or moving laterally and the pass was on the side away from endzone he had difficulty both catching the ball and generating YACs. Or at least that is what I recall.

Thus, I don't seem him as suited for a TE/H-back/blocking back role.

Lumbala is not tall but at 5'11" and 220 lbs he is a solid build and might be suited to the H-back/blocking back/FB role.

I agree, given time he could do well.

I wonder if the ideal third QB might be a CFL veteran, to help the other QBs with their experience. But I don't know who is available, no names jumped at me from the 2013 CFL passing stats. It would be nice if they can also be the holder, that would also avoid disruption to the kicking game when the backup has to play.

Belle mise en perspective! :thup:

Je crains cependant que Richardson n'entreprendra pas la saison, hélas! Sa blessure est très sérieuse et il serait surprenant qu'il soit réellement prêt au début de la saison.

Les perspectives offensives avec des quarts comme Smith et Marsh sont certainement très intéressantes et j'espère qu'on va se retrouver avec quelqu'un qui saura mettre leurs qualités en valeur. À mon sens, Marsh constitue un bon subsitut pour Smith car il partage plusieurs de ses qualités. Sutton a montré qu'il peut tirer son épingle du jeu dans cette ligue et qu'il va probablement ravir le poste à Whitaker en juin.

Cependant, je serais déçu que l'équipe traîne encore Messam. La plupart du temps, Messam n'a pas livré la marchandise. Il a assez bien bloqué, ce qui constitue une amélioration dans son cas, il a peut-être un peu amélioré son jeu aérien, mais il n'a généralement pas été efficace pour gagner du terrain par la course. Sa présence sur le terrain rendait l'attaque des Alouettes facile à contrer. L'attaque des Alouettes a mieux fait avec Sutton dans le champ arrière.

It doesn't matter how much potential a QB has. If the team doesn't provide the right guys to develop his CFL game. Right now I don't see anybody who is going to help those two guys.

Peut-être un futur retraité du football? :wink:

Mais sincèrement, je n'y crois pas vraiment non plus, du moins, pas maintenant.

Doubly true if Popp is playing head coach again.

We for sure will need a qualified offensive coordinator and a dedicated QB coach, I think. . .

Meme les Red Blacks ont leurs entraineurs en place ! Et avec Jones maintenant avec les Lions, c allaire que les Als sont vraiement "behind the 8 ball" comme on dit.

There is no playbook being worked on, no spring camp schedule being put together. Both those guys are on ice till at least a month after an OC is hired... I hope I end up being wrong but I think this team will be fighting with the Redblacks and the Western teams to squeeze into the post season. I'm very envious of the staff Desjardins has put together in Ottawa.

Agreed with you there. For an expansion team, that's a pretty impressive coaching staff they've got.

Signing Smith was a prudent move for the organization, although am wary of Marsh as a long term backup.

Tanner had one of the worst PE ratings in the league, including an abysmal 3/8 TD>INT ratio, however can be effective in Wildcat formations and short yardage 3rds

Neiswander is a capable backup but not much more IMO.

Either way, the Als got their main guy in Smith who could have a good 8+ productive years in this league. (health and Oline permitting of course)

and yes, I'm envious.