Troy Smith a future ARGO.

I know Troy Smith signed a one year deal with the 49ers to be a third string QB. But I am wondering if the Argos would make a play for his services. I think we would be a wonderful QB in the CFL. He moves very well, has a strong arm and makes great decisions and would be only 27 next season.

Just a thought.

I posted this awile ago and was informed that Montreal has him on their list. I too think he’d be great. However after watching Alex Smith play for the 49ers yesterday I think we’ll see Troy be in some games soon on the Bay. But I agree he could be an ideal CFL QB. But that said if he gets a shot down there I suspect he’ll be a success.

However I am a fan of Lemon and if I was in that town I’d have patience.

I wouldn't say I am a fan of Lemon, although I think he was the best that is available and am happy Jim Barker realized that rather than go after a retread just because they have "CFL experience". I don know if he is going to lead the Argos to the Grey Cup. I hope he does and am willing to be patient with this team. I said at the beginning of the year 9-9 would make me happy. but I did want to see those 9 wins come closer to the end of the season not the beginning.


Lemon might not be all the Argo fans want, but as we discussed a month ago above with regard to the likes of Troy Smith? C'mon!

Lemon's better than most of these NFL quarterbacks too for that matter (the list excludes those cut or names of young players IMHO with some potential), but that's not saying he's great but rather also how poor all these guys are or look to be: