Troy gonna be pressured?

I think the Bombers will bring in some guy to put pressure on Westwood this season. What do you think?

i think so to, i think they treated him brutally last year, and although he needs someone there to test him we also need to look for next season and a kicker.

What about Pikula, um, oh, never mind, he's been traded..... :lol: :lol:

But to me i think instead of every year signing these guys that are never gonna see action, they should either sign a kicker and keep him or don't sign at all. I mean save the money to grab a DB or something.

that is a good agruement even more so this year with the big signings we had to make with our FA's

Having a Canadian field goal kicker who also punts gives us a huge advantage over other teams that are forced to juggle their line-up to maintain the import ratio.

That being said, if Westwood comes out cold like he did last season, it'll be ugly to watch. Let's all hope Troy has a better year this year.

he wont though... its time to draft some kickers.

The Love-Hate relationship Troy has in Winnipeg........

The Love:

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The Hate:

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...Troy always seems to find a way to stay in the game...BUT if the Bombers can bring in a 'credible' kicker...who can kick field goals and punt...then he might have a problem....till then Westys' the guy/// :wink:

the manitoba bisons have a great kicker in dixon that just played his final year

Dunno what competition will be in TC. I can say that when the chips were down, Troy performed well when it counted last season.

He's 41 he isn't going to get better he'll probably be worse than last year. He can hang around for a couple of more years as a punter if he can stay consistent but as a kicker he's done.