Troy Deadwood will be back with the Bombers

Well Taman found a kicker :lol: :lol: He worked real hard finding one. :lol: :lol:

Dam you Taman the Riders wanted him.

Well I'm not the biggest Westwood fan but if you can suggest a better Canadian kicker who isn't already under contract I'd like to hear it. It wasn't an unexpected signing, but I think it was a good signing nonetheless.

Why does it have to be a canadian kicker?

You can get O'missy for a large price! A bag of balls and a kicking T and he is yours. Oh and we will drive him to Winnipeg since he has problems at airports. :lol:

Well the job of kicking/punting is one in which most CFL teams traditionally try to get a non-import player to play. And this is just a personal observation, but the difference in quality of a non-import versus an import at the kicking position usually seems smaller than the difference in quality at many other positions.

Long story short, if you can get a decent Canadian kicker it's a very good thing.

Ok, that gave me a chuckle. :lol:

I am sure I saw Taman trying out kickers at the CNIB the other day. :lol:

Theoretically it doesn't, except if you use an import kicker, then you have to take an import out of another spot in the line-up.

Westwood can be very good or very bad but for the most part he is no better or worse than what is available. His dual role of pk-punter is very friendly to the ratio, I dont think there was ever any doubt that Troy will finish his career in Wpg.

Piggy very true about wastewood finishing his career in the peg! He would not make it on any other team in the CFL. I can see O'missy in blue and gold at the start of the season. :lol:

Sounds like the rumors have Copeland in blue & gold before old miss, wonder how bad Taman will fleece Barker this time.

Well Piggy I believe most rumors out of the Peg and Rider land have become unfounded. Copeland will be a Stamp at seasons start. I know CFLeskfan I will save you the post does not agree with me and we have hashed this over. But Copeland will not be in Blue and Gold anytime soon.

Refresh my memory, when was the last time Taman fleeced anybody?

Actually, I will let red answer this one as I could use a good laugh about now.

Okay piggy get ready to laugh. He does not have the brain power to even fleece the milk money out of his milkman. He could not steal the lunch money from a kid in grade three. Enough for you. Or are you going to bring up how he fleeced the Stamps of Kaqmu no catch Peterson or my head is to big for helmet McGarity. The fact is Taman loves trades where he can throw away draft choices. Remember Piggy he sat 2 years ago while Rome(the bombers)burned(missed the playoffs). Tell me about all those talented bombers he let go because he wanted to save a nickel. Or just maybe read the article about Samuels saying nice things about his former boss. :lol: Comedy is a wonderful thing!

Okay, okay, I like Barker, he helped pull you guys out of the west basement, we can give him that. But I will wait and see how he responds to adversity, nothing short of GC appearance will be acceptable in Cowtown this year and when you guys fall flat again, we will see if he has the jewels to make some tough decisions with that team. My guess is he wont.

Taman has seen it all, the highs and the lows, he has brought the team back from the brink of extinction to once again a cup contender, say what you like about his methods, the fact is he has proven he can rebuild a team from the bottom up.

Well Piggy it would be nice to see the stamps in the big game. However there are other teams to get by first. I thin kthe fans expect nothing but good entertainment and a playoff spot. The GC game is the desert. No high expectations here in cowtown.
Again it seems bomber fans like to avoid answering one thing. Why is it that Taman gets rid of his good players (Simon, Samuels etc). Then he replaces them with cast offs. Everyone in the CFL new Kamu no catch Peterson was a receiver that had nothing to add to a roster. Taman got him did he not. Then McGarity the one year wonder was another cast off that coudl nt add to any team yet Taman with contract in hand was ready to grab him. Like I said he is a garbage collector. Brain Clark loves to be in Red and White. Simon loves to be a BC Lion hmmm is there a pattern here. I guess Samuels will enjoy green and gold.

right on pigseye....when Hank throws away another chance at the Cup...we'll see who needs to make some changes ....Taman him or not ...gets credit for a lot of the success the Bombers have had....sure he let a few good ones slip away...can't keep em all happy...but the corps of players that now exist with the Blue.nGold are due to far as the kicking situation, Westy WILL get the job done.. :wink:

There are many reasons for what you say and some were Tamans fault to be sure, but many of those moves came early in his career, growing pains of a new GM. I have already responded to the Samuels issue, he was expendable. Football is all about the present, not the past and I like the moves Taman is making now, what he may or may not have done last year or ten years ago means dick.

.....Garbage collector....well my son ...what would you call Darnell MacDonald....seems to be one the stamps collected... :lol: :lol: