Troy Davis....

released today by the Argos according to the FAN 590.

I washed my socks today, thats about the importance that both have today, how long before the "bring back Troy Davis'' threads?

How did the socks turn out?

how long before the "bring back Troy Davis'' threads?
I'm surprised that it hasn't happened it...haha

Not even an invite to training camp thread. Even Ray Thomas got one of those.

(Still an ignominious end for the franchise's best RB ever.)

I think the Bring Back Troy Davis thread has been folded into the Bring Back Grover Covington thread.

Still, a sad way to go out though.

An Argo-Cat fan

The franchise's best RB ever? I think you'll get a few disagreements on that one. Cookie Gilchrist and Jimmy Edwards come to mind.....

Oh another "bash the ex-Ticat" sentiment...Classy. Troy Davis was a friggin' warrior who played his heart out every single game, and he was a phenomenal RB for this team. Just leave at that. Why must our ex players be disrespected by our fans?

And yes, he was the greatest RB in franchise history. The record books prove it. No Flash in the pan RB has adequately replaced him yet. That too, is a matter of record.

Ladies and gentlemen, I stand corrected. By the stats, yes Troy Davis is the greatest running back in Ticat history.

Career rushing yards, he's first with 5,188, over Gerry McDougall in second with 4,270.

Single season rushing yards, he's first with 1,628, over Jimmy Edwards in second with 1,581.

Single game rushing yards, he's first with 233 (6 September 2004 versus Toronto) over Gerry McDougall with 213 (28 September 1957 versus Montreal).

Career carries he's first, with 1,053, over Willie Bethea in second place with 781.

Single season carries, again he's first with 324 (in 2004) over Ronald Williams in second place with 267 (in 2000).

The only major categories where he is not first are:

Single game carries; Obie Graves had 33 carries on 1 September 1980 against Toronto, Troy is second with 32 carries against Toronto on 2 September 2004;

Career rushing touchdowns; Ronald Williams had 43, Troy is second with 30;

Single season rushing touchdowns, Williams had years of 14 and 13 (twice) TDs, McAdoo had 11 in 1989, and Troy's best was 10 in 2004.

The statistics do not lie. It must be conceded that Troy Davis is the best running back in Hamilton Tiger-Cat football history, and I eat my earlier words.

I am man enough to admit that I was wrong.

i heard it on the fan 590 as i was driving home from work. the announcer said, " ... and the argos have released running back ..."

and i jumped in with "john avery" (overrated, over the hill, selfish, self-absorbed, always injured) and i was surprised that the announcer said "troy davis."

troy had an excellent last season in edmonton, rushing for 5.5 yards a carry, got his 1,100 yards behind an offensive line that had suffered a ton of injuries and retirements. and he was replaced by a couple of guys who couldn't add up to one t.d.

he's a warrior, a gamer and i suspect there's more than a little game left in him. i don't think he'll get to show it, though.

How John Avery keeps his job year after year is one of the great mysteries of modern times in the CFL.

(See? Isn't it more fun to bash Argos than Cats?)

it wasn't meant to bash Davis, just that the guy hasnt been an impact player in awhile thats all. I just found it funny a whole thread was started about it. And the socks turned out very soft thanks for asking

hope there's a hole in them...

As "ticatguy" mentioned earlier, John Avery perhaps should have been the named mentioned. However I believe he is heading to free agency & should not be resigned.

Troy Davis certainly was (is) a very tough talented rb who deserves more than just a "footnote" when he was released. If he does not resurface in the CFL I wonder if he would show up in one of the two newly formed US leagues that are starting in the spring..if they get off the ground that is.

TD was the CONSUMMATE Tiger Cat ... he brought his lunch pail to work EVERYDAY and carried the ROCK through brick walls CONSISTENTLY.

If/When he retires it should be done with GREAT CEREMONY on a nice Labour Day Monday at IWS.


The whole reason I am a season ticket holder now is because of Grover, I liked his butt enough to go to the games with my husband and got hooked on the cats and their game.

Miss you Grover!!!! Yummmm!!!!

What a way to end a staring career by being cut by the Boatmen in January.

yeeeap. argos are dirty like that. so are the eskischmoes.

The real irony is that Troy Davis was replaced by Anthony Davis, both of Ticat fame.
Do you think that Anthony Davis will replace Troy Davis in the Statistics category?

Methinks not....
The Eagle - :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Well seeing as how Anthony Davis is now part of the boatmen, maybe on the argos but not on the cats :wink: