troy davis?

the esks have josh ranek, antonio warren, ron mcclendon and troy davis all heading to their camp, and all are feature backs.
coach maccocia has all but given the starting job to ranek — silly man! — which would leave troy davis out of the mix.
all troy did was rush for 1,000 yards for a bad team behind a suspect offensive line that saw three retirements heading into 2006.
odds are goood that troy will be released, and we have first crack at the waiver wire.
what with lumsden being brittle, and anthony davis being a relatively unknown commodity, do we bite on troy?
i say we at least bring him in for a look: troy on the downside of his career still brings more wood than anthony at the outset of his. and, more importantly, no one has ever accused troy davis of giving anything less than everything he's got. he's no quitter ...


davis is done in hamilton, maby even cfl in general

If only we had a back as done as Troy.


we would have been 4-13-1?

LOL, troy being done in the cfl?? halarious. he may be the most underated back in the cfl.

true, we do trash him enough that he's become somewhat underrated again.

but he's still not a premier back in this league up there with the likes of KK (formerly of sask now a SB champion... lol) Charles Roberts, Robert Edwards or Joffrey Reynolds.
I'm happy with Lumsden haulin the load as kenny might say.

your happy and content with jesse hauling the load? what part comforts you most. the fact that he hasnt finished a season injury free since his college days? or that he hasnt rushed for a 100 in a game yet?

that he's not going on 32 and past his prime.

And NWO, until Lumsden gets 20 carries a game consistantly I don't really care how many 100 yard games he has. Also, he has a 100+ yard game when you count receiving/rushing combined... and if you want to discredit that talk to Brian Westbrook, it's been his bread and butter for years.

and to add to that, the fact that football is a contact sport, thats why we've got backups.

Furthermore, i have a lot of confidence in his versatility, his ability to catch, and his ability to be spelled off by Corey Holmes with zero drop-off.

I dont care if he doesn't get a 100 yard game all year if our team is winning. (not saying they will... just saying that's whats more important to me.)

example: the superbowl (i realize...) Dominic Rhodes didn't rush for 100 yards, (66 i beleive) neither did Joe Addai. (somewhere in the 70s i beleive) combined it was well over 100 yards, but more importantly, they won the game.

I also beleive he wont over-do it in order to be a longshot of making the team, he's made the team, he's not going to have to kill himself in TC when he's out of game shape. Which I BELEIVE is why he kept getting injured at NFL TCs.

lumsden being spelled off by holmes with zero drop off? is that what the last post said? That cant be serious, what reason does anyone have to believe he can start at tail back and be spelled by holmes? You must have meant it the other way around because having an american with holmes credentials watching lumsden and spelling him is silly to say the least

I'll let their play do the talking. How well did Holmes do last season?

OMG NWO are you still on the Lumsden kick ?? We have Jesse AND Holmes so we are more than fine at that position .

(habman) OMG NWO are you still on the Lumsden kick ?? We have Jesse AND Holmes so we are more than fine at that position .
I hope you're right, habman. Personally, I'm still not sold on Lumsden because of his injuries.

I'd like to see what this guy could do if he remains healthy for one season and gets 20 carries per game.

I wouldn't dismiss Trou Davis just yet, either, if he becomes available. I'd certainly give him a look at training camp.

Several running backs have played past the age of 32 and I don't think Troy has lost much of his stamina or talent.

how is this a lumsden kick? i was pointing out that troy was underated and underappreciated here. am i being unfair to point out some concerns that any fan should have concerning jesse durability? i think the guy is a talented player but already nobody cares that he hasnt run for a 100 or that he hasnt finished the season. these would raise questions in the most casual observers. not you guys. your 100 percent positive that a guy that didnt play a snap of nfl preseason is the next coming of christ and holmes who is a proven commodity will spell him???? idiots.

Surely NWO, when you say habman is an I-D-I-O-T

you aren't name calling, you mean habman is an

Intelligent, doting, incredibly over-the-top tub thumper

for Jesse Lumsden, isn't that correct, NWO?

What's wrong with thumping the tub about Jesse?

Jesse will rock this year and prove habman right.

hey rocky 123, you mentioned:
"don't think Troy has lost much of his stamina or talent."

we'll have to ask his wife or girlfriend on that one! :lol:

actually i really was calling him an idiot. lol. just kidding i really dont mean it to sound that bad. i guess habmans ignorance to facts isnt really a reason to call him an idiot. habman your devotion to jesse is admirable. regardless the obstacle, injury or circumstance you can still justify jesses greatness. facts, injuries and lack of actual exp can not deter you. you are driven by something much stronger. you are driven by a love that many people in life may never experience for another human being. to that i say we salute you.

Well maybe you are the idiot because he DID play in preseason . And if he hadnt of, who cares besides you ??? Didnt the 3rd string RB in Hamilton have a storied NCAA carreer ? and where did that get him ??

You are going to have a hard time at the games this season when he succeeds and I hope he will convince you that he is a quality person and football player .

For the record I thought Troy Davis was and probably still is a very good RB !!!!