Troy Davis traded to Edmonton!

The Ticats have just traded Troy Davis and Dan Comiskey to Edmonton for Brock Ralph and Tay Cody.

Personally I haven't been that impressed with Brock Ralph since he returned from his NFL tryout. Comiskey is going back where we got him from, which seems kind of silly.

But I still think it was probably a good trade for Hamilton, who had virtually no chance of re-signing Davis for next season. We got something for a guy we were only going to have for 5 more games.

I think Edmonton got the better of the deal in this one. They have a few rookie O-line, so Comiskey could really help out.

so what you are saying is edm got troy davis and montford for ralph and cody. plus a short rental of comisky. edm had there way with you hamilton.
they gave you nothing for two franchise players. the future looks bleak in hamilton if they keep making these trades. i hope taman is taking to you too.

So bleak blackdale that we kicked the Eskies as* last week and we are going to do the same to the Gades come Friday night with Jesse, all 226 pounds and 4.6-4.7 speed of him plowing through as he did agains't the Eskies when he got in.
And another good Canadian receiver. And Montford isn't nearly what he used to be as we all saw last Friday night when he plays agains't a good o-lineman like Claridge.
I like Troy but he was gone after this year and we would have got nothing for him. Our management here made a smart move.

Why are you guys so certain Davis would have left the Tabbies next season?

And I don't think it was worth adding Comiskey to the deal. He's one great offensive lineman and he's Canadian.

Hamilton basically set two star players (three if you count Montford) to Edmonton in return for two guys who have potential, but still just played about two CFL games each so far.

It looks to me like there's something more hidden in that trade... like the Ticats receiving bonus money if Edmonton makes it to the Grey Cup. It really looks like a one way trade so far.

Hey Hamilton... how about we send you James Withley, Darrell Crutchfield and Ted White for Craig Yeast and James Cotton?

Agreed, Earl.

Never mind the short rental on Comiskey: the Esks are getting a short rental on Davis. When they find that they have to pay him $120,000 next year, there'll be a whole new complexion on this trade. He won't be coming back here, of course, but he will be going to the highest bidder, and whether or not that's Edmonton remains to be seen.

The Esks and the media were so thrilled when Brock Ralph returned, and now people are talking about him like he's "nothing". Like I said, I haven't been that impressed with him these past couple of games, but I'd take him for a few years over Davis for a few games.

I heard that the Cats also got the Esks' first-round draft pick for 2006. That can't be sneezed at, either.

First of all, you can't count Montford AND Comiskey, since one was traded for the other, and the Cats never had both at the same time. You have to count one OR the other.

And how do we know Davis wouldn't have been back here next year? Because he said so. Both he and Montford were traded because they were unwilling to negotiate a contract extension. Both wanted to play out their option year and try the free agent market next season.

And Brock Ralph, in case you're forgetting, has played more than "two CFL games." He played last season as well, and was basically a back-up in 2003.

I'm sorry but can someone clear something up for me is Brock Ralph a QB, i've been in Korea for 18 months and can't remeber. When I was home for a month in june I never heard of him and Have never seen him play. I hope so sound like it by bigdave. thanks guys for the clear up


Brock Ralph is a receiver.

BigDave, its on the Tabbies website that they also locked Edmonton’s first draft pick in 2006. So its confirmed.

And, just for the sake of it, even if the Esks do not re-sign Davis next year, the rental will be worth it. Because the Esks will most likely make the playoffs, and they jus filled their weakest spot on the roster. If they go all the way and win the GC, it’ll be worth it even if Davis doesn’t stay. And if they do win the GC, Davis will probably re-sign with them because being part of a winning organisation plays a part in selecting who you want to play for.

First of all, you can't count Montford AND Comiskey, since one was traded for the other, and the Cats never had both at the same time. You have to count one OR the other, and the Cats never had both at the same time. You have to count one OR the other.

I think you are trying to baffle us with some twisty stuff here BigDave....It dosen't matter if you had both players at the same time the end result is that you basically recieved little or nothing for Montford ...WHO IS NOW .....playing for Edm. ...along with a proven Comiskey NI. whose rights the Cats owned. dosen't matter when....and received average NI. receiver in Brock Ralph unproven DB....Tay Cody..(unless the Esks. were hiding a gem which I DOUBT) and a draft choice................hmmmmm somebody got hosed and it weren't the Esks...someone in the Ti-Cat organization must have got mesmerized by Huey's .....hoooey....I hope you do a trade with the Bombers in the near future as we need the help....Esks don't.........footnote.......dumping Troy and his salary really means nothing as the money will have to go to Lumsden to keep him around....Good-luck....

I've gotta think that Edmonton got the better of this one, they addressed one weakness on the O line, and got a proven performer for the playoff drive.. and all Hamilton got in return is an NFL wannabe that doesn't seem to have what it takes to cut it here.. and a nobody.

I feel the Comiskey thing makes us look kind of silly (I’m not saying it did, that’s just me). It would be nice to have kept Davis, but we didn’t use him anyway. McManus would put us in a hole so early, we had no run game anyway. I could care less for Lumsden. I hate this kid and he’s on my team. But if he starts breaking records, then I love him (you gotta love hypocricy). I"ve never heard of Cody and Brock is dead weight. We don’t need recievers.

I think the intangible here, if you will, is that we also just got a happier Jesse Lumsden who will be given playing time this year to boost his skills and confidence for next year when we can make the playoffs. If Davis stays, Jesse probably gets pis*ed off and either demands to start or to be traded. Don't get me wrong, Davis is the better back right now, we all know what he can do at the CFL level. But my hunches are Jesse will be as good as Davis, sooner than later.

I'll hitch my wagon to that Earl! lol. I hope you are right!

Hmmm, I wonder if there is more going on behind this trade than at first glance. I would not doubt that Hamilton and Edmonton discussed an off-season trade for Jason Maas as part of these trade negotians. Edmonton will not give him up until after the playoffs, but Hamilton certanily wants a bona-fide #1 QB next year if they have any brains. This trade looks way too lopsided in terms of proven talent for Edmonton, but they may have told Hamilton they will get first dibs on Maas after their season is over.

You might be right there zieg. I think with a lot of trades there is other information that the fans aren't privy to.

Hey Earl, so are you telling me that my son and I should forget about going to the game Friday night because the Tabbies are now contenders?
O.K., sure then.

Go Gades Go!!

No supersmith, of course you should go, nothing better than sitting outside watching a football game, better than being inside a hockey arena, that’s for sure. But the Cats, IMHO, are going to win this game, not saying it will be easy, but I think we will win. Maybe the Gades will prove me wrong but I don’t think so, your team is on a slide and the direction is called downwards! The Cats have the best owner in the league who has had a hiccup season while learning the ropes of running a pro football team.