Troy Davis Rumour??

I just read an article in the Toronto Star stating Troy Davis could become an Argo soon.

I can't help but wonder what took so long for the Argos, who have needed help at the running back position all season to contact Davis or the "Little Ball of Hate" Josh Ranek.

Ranek had trouble in Hamilton regaining his Ottawa form.

Davis was great though. One of the few Ticat players in the past 6-7 years who played with heart day in and day out.

He may be a little old now, but he can still contribute, I'm sure.

The signing of Davis must spell the end of John Avery as an Argonaut.

I can't imagine how he feels about this signing.

Is Avery healthy yet by the way?

Do they keep Edwards now? I would cut Avery and hang on to Edwards.

Is there anyone the Argos won't sign?


As mentioned earlier Davis may be a replacement for Avery. Can't remember if Avery has his 5 years in the CFL or not to guarantee he would be paid for the rest of the year.
Davis' best year are behind him IMO, but he would be an experienced RB to have around for some crucial upcoming games if Edwards is injured.
Edwards was experiencing some hamstring problems during the game Sunday.

Well apparently Jeff Johnson is out for the season which is why they signed Davis:

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