Troy Davis Released by Eskimos

OH SNAP!!!!!

Looks like we aren't the only ones dropping over-paid players. Sounds like Marcel knew what he was doing all along.

im thinkin we shud pick up quincy, sounds pretty good at Lb

???how does this validate what marcel is doing?

Good luck to Troy. I was very sad to see him go and he's still one of my favourite players. A class act and a great player. Hopefully he catches on somewhere (that isn't Toronto) :wink:

???how does this validate what marcel is doing?
Because teams are now doing what Marcel did weeks ago.

i wouldnt mind seeing toronto pick up davis and cutting that over-paid, oft-injured Avery!

Kelly Wiltshire would be Great Pick
an older Player but Could play as Roll Player..

Well Maybe...Just Maybe, Troy wants to come back to Hamilton :wink:

I mean Really :roll: How many threads and posts did we have on the subject of Troy Davis and the famous "trade-wink-wink" back when we got Maas and Edmonton got the Grey Cup?

This just goes to show you that you can sign a contract but it's NOT GAURANTEED! There is going to be a lot of releases and trades and contract renegotiation before we even start playing ball!

Troy Davis is the best running back Hamilton has ever had. He gave it all every time he put on the black and gold uniform. I remember him vomiting on the field a few times but still ripping off long runs. The record setting game against Toronto when he had over 200 yards rushing is something I'll never forget.
It'll be tough watching him play as an Argo, who will surely pick him up.

the only teams i can imagine pickin him up are toronto or saskatchewan.

sask lost keith and are in need of a proven RB, and i dont think toronto wants to put alot of stock in avery, cuz he's always injured.

where else could he end up???

BC is set with Joe Smith
Edmonton has Ranek and Warren
Calgary has Reynolds
Winnipeg has Roberts
Hamilton has Lumsden and Holmes
Montreal has Edwards.

nahi uno i dont see toronto picking up many older player from here on out. i think troy wont geta pickup newhere to tell u the truth. although maby MTL could use him cuz they dont really wanna go with edwards this year and lepoint retired. same with Sask due to the loss of Keith. troy could be used as insurance also a mentor to younger backs.

???? Why doesn't MTL wanna go with Edwards this year?????
They also just signed Jarrett Payton, why would they want troy?

I think this list makes a pretty good point that there are a lot of good running backs around and teams don't need to overspend on a RB because there are always good alternatives. I think Troy will catch on somewhere, but for a lot less money than he'd like.

I hope that no one complains about the Eskimos and the salary cap this year(as I’ve noticed some already have in the ticats section of these forums), the team is obviously commited to staying under the cap for the following season.

That Labour Day game was legendary. Still the Ti-Cats all-time leading rusher. Was suprised he holds that record considering the long history of the club, and his length of stay with the Tabbies.

Troy brought game. If I had to choose, I would still place Jimmy Edwards, Andy Hopkins, and Willie Bethea ahead of him. Just my 2 cents...