Troy Davis in powder blue?

CHML is reporting the blue team signed Troy Davis. Johnson broke his leg somehow.

Makes you wanna puke.

It's kind of sad to see some of the former 1,000 yard rushers not picked up by anyone.
Ranek is another one - now he's running a gym in his home town with his brother:

Well, at least he's not flippin burgers! Not that there's anything wrong with that mind you. :wink:

Here is an article on this sad possibity.

Argos Talk To Davis

Edmonton Sun

Jonathan Huntington

September 24 2007

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What a nightmare.

Well No we can Officially hate Troy Davis.
Too Bad we don't Play Toronto again.

onknight i apologize if youre joking and i can only hope you are but Troy Davis should never be hated by the ticat faithful. hes one of the good guys wish he was still a cat. I hope he goes to toronto and tears it up....and the only person more disappointed than you about not playing toronto again is the argos. lol

When he In Toronto Blue.. He an Argo

I Don't like Argos.
I did't like Mike When he was Argo...
Same goes for any former Ticat now in Argo Blue
I dislike Argo Players

Oshea ect ect ect Add Troy to the list

Ps I am also not very Fund of Players Rider Green Eather..

So when you meet a player and you say hes a good guy or you like him or hes really really just mean those things as long as he is a tigercat? thats really big of you. hey just so you know its just a game. thought someone should tell you.....the players who play the game get along with eachother and believe it or not stay friends even if they are traded to another team!! not you though you quickly turn your admiration and respect to loathing as if the guy personally left the team on his own. how bout hating the front office for not wanting them back or sending them to other teams. in short.....grow up.

thats just one fans opinnion but what do i know?

Davis has been signed to the Argo's practice roster. Jeff Johnson is out for the year with a broken leg.

An Argo-Cat fan

There is nothing wrong with him going to the Argo's since he had no other choice -big diference between him and O'shea. Relax and you'll live longer.

If these guys are healthy and can still compete..Good for them. I'd wish them well :thup:

By the way...Kind of sad to see that whoever set up their website forgot to mention what small town they are in or an address :wink: :lol:

live and let live.

Too bad he has to resort to playing for the blue team, but, that does not diminish my respect and admiration for what he accomplished as a tiger-cat. I don't know many more players that performed any better than Davis. Troy is a gamer and I still respect him.

He hasn't played in quite a while, i'm not sure what he has left in the tank to offer the Argo's that Edwards doesn't; other than insurance in case Edwards gets hurt. I doubt he starts and I doubt he will make a difference.

Sad for ust fans to see him go, however, the Cats traded him to Edmonton just at the right time. It's never fun to see a fan favorite get traded, but, sometimes you do what you have to do.

It breaks my heart to see guys turn to the dark side, but Troy has always been a class act and I wish him well (I don't hope his team wins, but he can have all the personal victories in the

Troy is a class act who was quiet off the field, but did all of his talking on the field.

He went 100% for every play regardless of the score in a game or the record of the team. He always plays hard and expects others to play at the same level as him.

Glad to hear he's back in the league in some level.

As for people going to the Argos from the Ticats. Football is a profession and its a short one at that. And these players have to go to a city that pays them top dollar so they can provide for their familys.

And there was a period in the 90's and early 2000's where the Ticats owners weren't matching the money offered by other clubs. So players left for more cash offered elsewhere. I don't "hate" any player that goes elsewhere. As the CFL is a small league with a small pool of players and there have been numerous times a player leaves only to come back later.

Welcome back Tory. Glad we don't play the Argos again. As I don't want some fans who hate ALL ARGOS, ruin the respect you have for the Ticats fans who supported you during your time as a Ticats and in Edmonton.

All the best.

There have been lots of great Ticat players who then go on to play for the Argos. Some get traded there, some go there as free agents wen they could make more money, some have gone there to finish up their careers when they got cut in Hamilton. Ben Zambiasi, Tommy Joe Coffey, and Ellison Kelly did it and are on the Wall of Honour at IWS. Others include people from Cookie Gilchrist to Orlondo Steinauer and Jude St. John, and many more. I don't see any reason to resent or dislike these guys. I'll feel the same way about Troy Davis. He was a great Ticat and he has a right to earn a living.

Only Mike O'Shea seems to have burned bridges in a big way and left bad feelings behind him. For the rest of them, I'm just glad to have had them in Hamilton when we did.

Some very mature perspectives expressed on Davis joining the Argos. I think the most we can ask of any pro athlete is that for the time they play for our favorite team, they give it their all. If they do that, they should be respected as the professionals they are. It's a free-enterprise, free country where people are free to move to new jobs and better opportunities. We'd all do the same so there should be no hard feelings when a player does the same thing.

An Argo-Cat fan

To me, Troy is a great person first, TiCat second, Eskimo third. I wish him all the very best with the boatmen.

I can like him as a great guy, but NOT for the 3.5 hours a week he is playing football for the blue team.