Trouble In Winnipeg Camp. [punches thrown]

A fight between DE Tom Canada & former Mac OL Matt O'Meara broke out after Canada appeared to kick or knee O'Meara during this mornings training camp session.

Punches were thrown which had O'Meara leave the practice field with a bloody nose.

heres more of the story...

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Yeah, it wasn't that big a deal, but the kick came after Matt was being held back, so pretty cheap shot, from all accounts. no real harm or hard feelings though, it happens.

That's fairly common at football camps and practices. It happens

A dust up in training camp! In Winnipeg! Canada was involved...shocker. Would never have seen that coming :roll:

Coaches loved it I'm sure.

If Canada had tried that with former Bomber o-lineman Dave Black, Canada would have been punched into the emergency ward of the nearest hospital. There is no need of actions like that.

So it sounds like you would approve
of Dave Black[?] pounding somebody out

and yet you disapprove of
Tom Canada's actions, eh TC26?


If you believe tempers won't
flare up or fists won't fly

you don't understand the mentality
of professional football players.

A punch up in practice is one thing. Tempers flare up, punches fly it happens.
Anyone that knows football understands this aspect of the game.
The kicking or kneeing of a teamate or opponent is uncalled for.
Secondly I know for a fact that Dave Black did punch out an import defensive lineman for trying to take out the knees of the o-linemen in practice.
By the way your words weren't "soft and sweet."

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