Trouble in paradise - Hefney unhappy

Yikes. :lol:

Hef just doesn't seem to get the fine art of negotiation. The first offer is always low and then you haggle until everyone is happy.


Hopefully however, he'll go to FA and become a Ticat.He's got crazy potential.

Angry midget... 8)

I don't get using Twitter in this way myself but I guess it's becoming the norm to use Twitter for just about everything. :?

Hodgkinson set the table for this days ago when he announced in the papers that he felt Heffney had the same value to the club as Clint Kent did. That's what happens when you put a guy with no business experience in charge of contracts.

…perhaps it’s the ‘norm’ Earl but it still doesn’t make it ‘right’…I agree with Hodg on this, it was an initial offer and a counter-offer is 100% expected, this is negotiating 101 Hefney, hell it’s not even 101, it’s the first thing taught in the summer make-up class to those needing to upgrade to 101…pretty (and petty) foolish move, ego took over…

.....UNLESS he is genuinely unhappy in the Peg and wants to move on...He is best of friends with Jovon Johnson so i can't see him being totally against playing for the Bombers...However money talks and that seems to be his primary goal (foolish to think otherwise).I have to agree with the comment 'neg. 101'....Message for Hef.....let your agent do the talking or run the risk of being labelled a 'malcontent' in the league :wink:



thats a gooda one