Trouble accessing web site

I've been trying to access the web site for games and info. For some reason (especially during the game)it seems to time out on me all the time. Any reasons?

Les Alouettes aimeraient s'excuser pour les problème techniques que nous avons eu avec le site web durant la pré-saison.


L'équipe web des Alouettes

The Alouettes would like to apologize to their fans for the issues we've had with our site this pre-season.

Thank you,
The Montreal Alouettes Web Team


My suggestion, please move away from MRX ...ever since the Alouettes website changed, there are multiples bugs & 404 errors.

And where do I start with Web Browser compatibility….

Is this "provider" league imposed ?

Is there a budget allowed for the Alouettes "web team" ?

Because, I do not see a lot of improvements (except for graphics, who are supposed to make us on the "new" site since it changed at the end of May.

For 1, all your stats are dated back to 2004...4 years ago...any organizations who respects its fans & players, must at least keep them updated !

Also, can I suggest on the Roster tab, enabling sorting of the columns would be a nice item to have.

Currently, we cannot sort the columns (i.e.: # or position), I’m sure most of the fans would enjoy it. (We could do it 2 years ago on the site…)

The only + I have about the new site is the new Bios site for the Cheerleader, give the “creator? a thumbs up !