Hey, what about somekind of trophy for the LD games??

Like a big Gold Banjo for the winner of the WPG SASK game. The teams could be engraved on it.

A pride thing.

A bragging rights thing.

Okay, not a banjo but you know what I mean. What do you guys think??

Each rivalry would have it's own unique trophy.

I look forward to all replies....even serious ones.


They actually are giving away a trophy to the winning team of the Banjo Bowl with the Saskatchewan/Winnipeg game.
The winning team will be awarded the National Post Banjo Bowl trophy.

I had no idea. That is so cool!!

I read the article and hope that other teams pick up on it. It's awesome that we have something so great at mid-season.

Someone said that after Labour Day was when the real season begins.
I don't know if I'd go that far but it sure gets alot more intense.

May the best Blue and Gold team win!!!


i'd like to see a plaque ( which documents all the past results ) be giving to the winner, and they then add to the piece to the plaque documenting who won.

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