In another year... or perhaps another universe... I might be highly offended.
However, considering the state of the 'Cats...

Actually I was pointing out that because the Riders are the Champs and will be until at least another 2 months, they will be the target of shots from all teams. You can't be the best till you beat the best.

When you've been on top for awhile, you will learn to accept this as a compliment. Then again getting to the top is much easier than staying on top. We'll see where you are in November.

I agree. This is what I replied earlier.
"It's true, who cares if people don't like us, that means we're on top."

Honestly, it shouldn't be of a concern to you what's on the Lion's thread. If it doesn't bother us, then it's probably not trolling.

If a fan goes on another thread to trash the team that they're visiting, that's a problem. Teams "buddying up" to support each other in their chasing a rival is all part of the fun of this. (IMO)

Well said debralynn

Trolling trolling trolling

keep those doggies trolling


OH do not make me bite on that one.

Now that is too funny good work there Artie!

Dariderfan may I point this out to you. A few times you have come to the stamps area to post troll posts. I post in the Lions area cheering them on and I am a troll. I think this post has more to it then you will admit. I suggest you go to the stamps area and read your posts if you want to see troll posts.
By the way I am cheering on those Lions to kick the riders in the pants yet again. If that bothers you go to your room and punch a pillow so you will feel better. I do not wish to stress you. :lol:

I wouldn't consider what 05 said as trolling, but maybe you starting a thread like this is, dariderfan. I saw the thread where he made the remark, and was amused by it.

Actually starting a thread like this is a personal attack. And I knew sambo you would be amused by it after all it worked. Thats hope the Lions repeat the performance.

Actually, it's not a personal attack. It's asking a question based on a post you wrote.

Well question should be put to a moderator, when you single out someone and throw it out there on the main forum it might not be a personal attack but the goal is definitely to single out someone and hold them up in the village square. Obviously the average posters weren't swayed :slight_smile:

Yep, because there was no reason for them to be swayed...singled out, yes...personal attack, no...not in my opinion, anyway...

Thanks JM02 for your opinion greatly appreciated it.

Wether it was a personal attack or someone being singled out, it was classless of the author to make a thread like this one, it was clearly intended to make 05 look bad. 05 and I have our differences, but he has the right to cheer against the Riders, like anyone else has the right to cheer for a team they dislike. If dariderfan doesn’t like that, tough… deal with it, but not in this fashion.

Oh, I never meant to intimate I agreed with it...I also believe it is in poor taste to single a person out in such a manner...would have been far more appropriate to PM someone for the proper answer...

Again Thanks Sambo for your response. Yes this type of thread serves no purpose other then to personally attack another poster plain and simple. Now if I singled anyone out like this what do you suppose would happen? This is the type of Rider fan that hurts the credibility for rider nation. Sorry dariderfan but you can not be more wrong then this thread. So does this mean next time I see you post on any area of this site anything against the Stamps this is trolling. No you have that right to cheer for anyone you want. Many brave men died giving us that right. I suggest you tuck your tail and run.