I was under the impression that trolling was discouraged on this site. Why is this statement allowed then, by a stamps fan, on the BC thread?

Come on moderators, clean up this garbage already!

That's not trolling. Everyone is chasing the Riders, so it makes sense. Its called ganging up on the guys in the lead. I guess your not use to it.

Check out the Tour de France or a Nascar Race or a Horse Race. Talk to Todd Bertuzzi...

LOL If that is trolling then may I add what the heck is Turkeybends threads. And I do love Turkeys writings. Seems like I have another fan.
So does that mean all the BC fans are trolling when they state they should kick your butts back to losing. LOL. time to show some maturity do you not think. By the way Turkey keep those posts coming.

Would have been ok if it went like this...

Okay Riders go after them {Lions} and kick their butt. Put them back where they belong. LOSING!

That would have made you one of the leagues "Greatest Fans".

You might still get in. Do you play the Banjo?

LOL it appears there is a dislike for anyone who does not wish the riders well in their games.

Face it. Your hated. LOL!

The king of trolling thinking I'm the one who is disliked! That's funny!!!! Quit your day job and become a comedian!

Nurse ! Nurse !

How is it trolling if a person goes on the Lions thread and wishes the Lions good luck. If he were to go on the Riders thread and wish the Lions good luck then it would be trolling.

I guess the Riders fans have been in the cellar so long they don't realize that when your on top your the target.


Its allowed because it was on the lions site!
As was already mentioned, had it been posted on the rider site it would be a different story.

He is a stamps fan and and he wanted the riders to lose so that the stamps would be closer to first.

Nothing wrong at all with that post!

Now the question? Would Red think that Rider fans would go through all of the various team forums and pickup cans? LOL!

That's how we pay Tillman's giant salary.....

It's true, who cares if people don't like us, that means we're on top.
About being in the basement, I think it was you guys who have missed the playoffs the last 2 years.

Yeah, but he's probably thinking about the 36 years before that....

Which have nothing to do with now…

Well, true. But to be fair, you're the one who opened the history door.

I was just replying to his post, not really looking to get into anything here.

Me either.

I was only intending to add that there is a subtle yet important difference between "trash talk" and "trolling".

The post complained of way back at the start of this thread was more in line with trash talk.

Trolling would be going on the Winnipeg or Hamilton board and starting a thread asking who is gonna win the Garbage Bowl this weekend.

I dont even concider it to be trash talk.
05 was rooting for the lions to win, and he wished them luck. It happens all the time