i posted a message ribbing the eskimos on the main forum,not the esks forum and got my hand slapped. i am sorry fans of the empire cannot take the ribbing as it is their"god given right" to win. i guess the esks rule and macioccia is great and rick ray is "the best quarterback in the league!!" all the esk fans happy now?

that is trolling. Trolling is posting something with the sole purpose of annoying or offending other posters

does that go for ticat,s fans saying the args ---- :stuck_out_tongue:

Only if that is all the post says. If it says why s/he thinks the argos suck then its just an opinion that you happen to disagree with

But "argos suck" in isolation conveys a philosophical position, in the same way that one would aver "keep on truckin', or "visualize world peace." Would it be o.k. in that context?

Then write a book about your phylosophical position just dont post it here.

I should sooooo be a mod :stuck_out_tongue:

But it's got nothing to do with lineage, descent or phyla of any kind, it's a CFL-based worldview, and therefore topical and appropriate for posting, no?

your world view is very likely to annoy and offend people on these boards and if you really feel that strongly about letting people know its your philosophical position youd have to say so and explain why it is your philosophy and what it means 8)

I think it is asummed that the Ticat fans are above prosecution because of the current plight of their team. There has to be some way to vent their frustration. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are different forms of trolling, I recieved one in the form a PM from a certain individual who was banned, but manages to PM me and ask me to join the and to boycott the CFL.CA site. Any advice from the mods on how to get rid of this nuisance??

PM me and tell me who it is!
Im sure I know who it is and there is a solution but I need to be sure

LOL Kanga just doesnt give up.

[url=] ... s_Suck.pdf[/url]

You know the Hamilton franchise has hit rock bottom when sympathy and understanding from argo fans is more prevalent than contempt. Truly the unkindest cut of all, however noble the sentiment.