Trivial topic

I would just like to say that I prefer the Argos helmet from 2005 ...

to their current version:

(Big difference, I know.)

I just think the silver surrounding the 'A' looks a bit better (distinguished? sharper?) than the light blue.

But it's still a damn good looking helmet.

Silver looks cool but when you consider the whole uniform, the silver logo doesn't fit/match as well. Long live the double blue in our logo.

Regardless if the shield has a silver or blue border, at least it's a hell of alot better than the God-awful blandness of the logo from the 1990 season.

Double Blue is what I think of when I hear the Argonaut name so it should be on the helmet I would think. Although this doesn't mean it looks better than the first one necessarily.

i too, used to prefer the silver...but now i like the blue.

the newer jerseys feature the blue logo on the sleeves rather than the silver and it looks alot better.

I hadn't noticed that they changed it on the sleeves too ... that would look better.

For sure the light blue in the shield is more appropriate, I just thought the silver looked pretty good ... not that they should change from the double blue though!