What running back is horrible enough to be a current fumble leader, has no more than 2,3 yards per carries and have been outran by almost every quarterbacks and slow time runners, including the very immobile Dave Dickenson and the Ottawa punter Pat Flemming?

Who is that shining star? And can he ever get even lamer?


AVERY..........he only has.........15 yards on 8 carries in 2 games........bruttle.........and a fumble that resulted in a TD...........

That guy will eventually hurt your team for real. You were lucky to steal a win against Sask given two fumbles by Avery. Get rid of him. It's a shame guys like Jonas Lewis, Michael Jenkins and Corey Holmes are back-ups in this league when lame ducks such as Avery have a starting job.

He didn't get on the field on offense after the second fumble. He only was on for special teams. one more game like that and he can just leave his sweater on the bench for all I care. Bottom line: He's playing like a stooge.

Anybody else have any good trivia questions? no well here is a good one for NHL and CFL fans! a bit too easy of us though.

What is the only team nickname that has been in both the NHL and CFL? name the nickname and city they are from.

Actually, as far as I can find, there are two common nicknames: The Calgary Canucks played in the CFL from 1915-1920,a nd the Ottawa Senators played from 1925-1927.

The Ottawa Senators is what I was getting at but the Canucks works, that's intreresting.

Ok, some more trivia:

What do these four players have in common?

  • Bruce Beaton
  • Jermaine Copeland
  • Reggie Durden
  • Noel Prefontaine

All played for the LA Extreme in 2001 - XFL

Yup, and all own a XFL Championship ring!

You're too fast jm02...

wow, what a mistake that league was..........but a great ?

More trivia:

Here's a tougher one then:

When the Als won the Grey Cup in 2002, all the players did something but two: Ben Cahoon and Keith Stokes. What didn't they do?

they weren't part of the MONTREAL, parade?

Nope. That’s not it.

I'm gonna take a wild shot in the dark and say, flip off the Edmonton fans since they defeated the Eskies at Commonwealth. (I know that definitely aint right, but ya give me humourous props for that).

Nice try.

Here it is: they are the only two players who didn't drink Champagne from the coveted Grey Cup, because they don't drink any alcohol.

That could be it.
Cahoon is a mormon if I am not mistaken.

ro1313: You are not mistaken.

Here is an interesting bit of trivia for you.
Who had the highest average return yardage for missed field goals last year.

Who and how many yards.