Who was the last Tiger-Cat to score a touchdown?

And, don't mean to come off as sarcastic, either. Not meant to be.

At home Corey Holmes vs Calgary.

On the road Josh Ranek vs. Saskatchewan.

So Ranek was the last person.

May have been Brock Ralph


ranek in the blowout.

Earl Winfield

Which 2 teams participated in the first ever CFL regular season overtime game?
What year?
Final score?

:cowboy: (The answer is on a CFL teams webite.)

Tommy Joe Coffey

Well,it was 20 years ago!! Sept.14/ 1986. A young Paul Osbaldiston (in his second game as a Tiger-Cat) kicks a 51-yard field-goal, in the cold driving rain, on the last play in the second half of overtime, to give the 'Cats a 21-21 tie against the Saskatchewan Roughriders at Taylor Field in Regina. It was just the beginning of a wonderful career for Ozzy.

Good question when nobody cares anymore eh!

Congratulations! :thup:

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