Trivia Question

I’m sure someone here can answer me this.

March 2008; the Riders trade Kerry Joseph to Toronto for Glen January, Ronald Flemons, and two draft picks. . . Toronto’s first and second round picks in the 2008 draft.

Anyone recall which players the Riders drafted with those 2 extra picks?

I believe Shologan was one of them. not sure on the other.

The one thing that I still remember really well was a shocker with that draft was that the Als lost a pick because of blowing the cap out of the water. The only time that has ever happened.

The other player is Jonathan St-Pierre.

So in essence it was Shologan and January for Joseph as we traded Flemons back to TO right after and St. Pierre never played for us. (I forget where he is now and what if anything we got for him, I could google but nah). Not a half bad trade. Maybe not in the immediate but it's panning out now.

...considering it also paved the way for Durant to assume essentially uncontested control as your #1 QB I'd say it was a hell of a deal...

St. Pierre was traded to Toronto to get Shomari last year.

Err, you guys are a bit off...

Kerry Joseph was traded for Glenn January, Ronald Flemons, the Argos' 2008 first-round pick and a 2010 second-round selection.

In 2008, that pick was used to select Keith Shologan and the 2010 pick was traded back to Toronto only to be regained as a part of the trade that saw the Roughriders acquire the first and eighth overall picks. That pick was used to select Jordan Sisco.

January left via free agency and Flemons was traded for T. J. Acree, the rights to Brian Smith, and a 3rd round pick in the 2011 draft. That 2011 pick was then used as a part of the trade that sent Adam Nicolson and the pick to Hamilton for Prechae Rodriguez.

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And for what it's worth, St. Pierre was traded to Toronto for Obed Cetoute.

I based my answer on the (2008 draft) Question asked by MadJack: "Anyone recall which players the Riders drafted with those two extra picks"? Atleast that's how I understood it. On that note, I think all the bases are covered with Gornaldatron's info.