Trivia Question

What former CFL player is the only player ever to have played in the regular season of the CFL, the NFL, the XFL, NFL Europe. . . and is also the only player ever to suit up for the Super Bowl, the Grey Cup, and the World Bowl?

Yo Murphy?

Suited up for the rams as they lost to the patriots in the superbowl

and obviously won a grey cup ring with the roughriders in 2007

not sure about the world bowl though?

Well done !

Yo Murphy won the World Bowl in 1996 playing with the Scottish Claymores; lost playing for the St Louis Rams against the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVI, and won the Grey Cup in 94 with BC and 07 with the Riders.

Currently he's coaching in the lingerie league:

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haha, the lingerie league? sounds interesting.

but yea i wasn't sure about him every playing in nfl europe. i followed him for a bit after he played with my buccaneers in 1999 and thats how i know he was with the rams, and obviously the dispersal draft allowed him to go to sask for the greycup.