Trivia question !

What is this number:

  • 69.9

my net worth

The amount that my blood pressure goes up after watching a Bombers game.

Nealon’s QB rating for 2006?

Ricky Williams net rushing yards

Hmmm I can't decide who is right, Playmaker88 or Mongo. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I am pretty sure Greene’s QB rating this year is in the negative…so my guess would echo mongo’s…

Good logic jm02, especially since the poster is Third, and, well, we know how much Third loves his backup QB's in Montreal. (Ted White, Nealon Greane)

lol Sporty....that's true, but look at the interception/TD ratio Greene has this year....that pretty much solidified my answer.

i dont understand why the Als keep putting in nealon greene over brady...

and why the ticats dont start 3rd sting QB williams

I guess drummer when you pay the "Big Bucks" for your starter you better play him. But, I guess in Hamilton you make a good case, nothing else has worked so why not try playing someone different.

the CBC said maas is wrapped in ice BEFORE the game, which tells me, he is hurt badly....and prolly wont be a factor until next season ( if not next season, he is finished )

start 3rd stringer, williams and see what he can do.

The loss, in thousands of dollars, Danny Maciocia will incur when he sells his house to move away after being fired?

I hope I'm right about him being canned.

Stop picking on Danny I'm hoping Commisioner Campbell signs him to a Long term 10 year deal! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

That's because The Don has got a "big juan" for Nealon. He's had him in Toronto (which most likely can explain why the Argos didn't three-peat in '98 ), he's had him in Edmonton, now he's got him in Montréal. You would think that after the first two, The Don would've learned his lesson. But I guess he hasn't.

percentage of Ti-Cat season ticket holders that won't renew unless they see a team that actually tries while they're out on the field?

montreal needs to get ell roberson back and develop him into a Qb, he's an excellent running Qb, but Calvillo needs to take time to tutor him into being a prolific passer.

You've got it guys. Mongo is today's big winner. Nealon Greene currently threw 5 interceptions off 15 pass attempts, thus producing more net yards losses than gains. In fact, Nealon scored 0 points for the Als so far and 14 for our opponents.

What kills me is not everyone in Montreal seems to notice how brutal he is. Last week in the third quarter, a bunch of guys in my section started chanting "We want Greene! We want Greene!"... I was shocked.

Marty and I were like: "These guys will comfort the Don in his stubborness and HE WILL play Greene again." I screamed "Come on guys. At least ask for Brady!" But it changed nothing.

But hey, in the end, Marty and I had the last laugh when Greene threw 2 picks in 3 minutes. I remember we even made a bet when Greene hit the field: How long till he throws his first interception. Doran (the guy sitting next to us) said 40 seconds. I went with 1 minute. Marty was exceptionnaly generous with 1 minute 50. Quite amazingly, it took 1 minute 48 for Greene to throw it. Like Marty already knew how the game would end....

The Als groomed Roberson for two years. They even brought him with the team on the road when he was injured so he could take part in discussions with Doug Berry, Calvillo and White between plays. They said he could never learn the system. He would always go out there and improvise.

I would have like to see him try too in a real game, but if the guy can't learn in two years, there might be something really wrong with his learning skills. Can't blame the Als for growing tired.

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