Trivia: How many winning seasons since 1970?

This will shock you.

According to, since and including 1970, we have had 11 winning seasons. 11 WINNING SEASONS IN 40 YEARS.

You don't want to know how many seasons we've had with 4 wins or less.


Why do people just have to post stuff to be negative, thats the past and will always be the PAST! Look to the future its a lot brighter on this side!!!


We've got an even stronger roster to take into the off-season this year, we already know what we have to fix and Obie is probably working on it as we speak and really we could leave the roster as is and probably get 12+ wins next year.I'd love to put this roster through another TC, another year on these guys could make a huge difference.

Why? Because I’m tired of hearing, every year, how great we’re going to be, how this is the year, how this team is so superior to last year.

I’m also tired of hearing how we can only draw xx,xxx thousands of people.

I don’t miss games, I will never (God willing) miss any games. BUT in any other business, you lose customers when you don’t deliver.

We have to win the majority of the remaining games just to a have a .500 season.

This is not good enough!!!

No, it isn't good enough. But it doesn't do much good to dwell on it.

Nobody likes the fact that we've had more than our fair share of poor seasons in most fans' memory. I remember the amazing years of the 1960s, but that's another matter.

The team doesn't like it either. They try to improve on it. They've had some notable successes during the time period you mention, I'm sure you'll agree... five trips to the Grey Cup in the 1980s, two more in the 90s... mixed with some really bad years and some I'd call mediocre at best. Would I have liked more success? Of course. We all would. But I continue to follow them regardless because they're my team, and I don't change loyalties.

Sure, I wish they were doing better this season... though I actually felt at the outset that 9 or 10 wins would be about it... and it looks like it will be tough for them to reach even that. Disappointing? For sure. But disgraceful? No. Not to me.

Were you tired of hearing it in 1998? 1999? And even when we had excellent teams in the late 80's, the Cats were only drawing about 17,000 fans per game (sometimes closer to 14,000) when the rest of the league was averaging something like 22,000.

And frankly, the team HAS improved dramatically over the last couple of years. Do you remember some of the garbage tackling we were seeing week-in week-out in the mid-2000s? How about Maas running the Joe Paopao offense? The team still isn't as consistent as I'd like, but if you really think they haven't improved drastically, you must not remember how soul-crushingly bad they were recently. We were only overtime away from the East final last year. I'm glad the team is getting a wake-up call right now. Hopefully it will set their heads straight for a solid playoff run.

1998 and 1999 were great years. Why shouldn't we expect this all of the time? When you have crap year after year, fans don't flock back because one or two years of half decent football.

And I'm not harping about the past. This keeps happening.

My fear is we are turning into Leaf fans - excited about possibly making the playoffs, getting to .500

This is a good thing. Now we don’t have an owner who calls out the city and tries to guilt and/or threaten people into coming to the games. A major turnoff even when trying to get people to come over to your house for beers. So, the product is still very, very mediocre, yet 23-24,000 are deciding that it’s worth it to come to the games. To me, I see opportunity. If we do both things half-decently (the product and the PR), we should be in great shape.

Would this team have survived if any of the previous owners were still at the helm AND we were going through a decade of losing football??

Edit: And, what were “playoff” crowds back then are average non-rival crowds now.