Tristan who?

this guy is a freakin machine. same with that new RB

They're lookin good

You should have first heard about Tristan from Training Camp. He had two punt returns for TDs.

AJ Harris also looked good... but the idiots working at the Edmonton office didn't think he was good enough. I guess some people will be pretty red faced tomorrow.

Good thing he's not Canadian or he may sweep all the awards this week.

Seriously though the man has some awesome jets. The Eskimos are showing great team speed on both sides of the ball.

We clearly have the players. Give us better coaching and watch out!

Best acquisition this team has made in the last few years, no doubt about it.

Tristan Jackson looked like he could take the ball the other way on ever return. Harris looked good but i wouldnt get too excited about him yet because the argos run D is so bad they may have just made him look a little better than he really was.

Action Jackson is amazing an instant fan favourite.

Harris is the real deal on limited touches in preseason he still averaged almost 6 yards a carry.

The only reason he was released is McChickenchoker wouldn't admit he was wrong signing Anderson to along term deal and building him up as the second coming.

McCarty and Harris are for real and only because DM wants to keep his job Worman and Comapany are utuilizing our Backs and receivers correctly.

since its the eskimos, they will probably bench him later on, and bring in a washed back like troy davis or john avery or robert edwards.

How would he get offensive PotW?...

How would he get offensive PotW?...[/quote
I think that was a joke.

He will definitely be a threat on returns all season long. I was also impressed with Maciocca finally devising a gameplan that actually addresses and attacks the opponents weakness(in this case the Argos run defence).