Tristan Jones

The young Wildcat running back has left camp at University of Laval citing that he no longer loves the game. However there are echos that the Ticats suggested to him that he leave camp...

I hope this is not the case. The young man basicaly walked away from a free College education and great football experience.

What would the Ti-Cats have to gain by telling him to quit school? Doesn't make much sense to me for the Cats to suggest that he leave school.

It does if they want to bring him to Hamilton this year. We'll see I guess.

No, it doesn't make any sense. RB is probably the strongest positon we have on our roster. We have 6 or 7 on the roster allready, 4 of them Non-Imports there would be absolutely noting to gain for the Cats to suggest he leave school to join them. I just don't see this happening.

If he quits and says he's not into football....than there is a very good likelyhood that he ie well....not into football. I would be very surprised if this has anything to do with playing for the Cats this year or beyond.

Agree 100%. I don't know why Hamilton would need him to the point of getting him out of school. Either way its too bad.

seriously.....who is he? he any good?

and I agree..I think the cats would never tell anyone to quit school

Tristan Jones is a rb who attended Dickenson State in 2003-04-05. In 06 and 07 played for the Edmonton Wildcats. He chose to go to Laval in June and showed up at school but a couple weeks ago the Ticats acquired his rights some how and he then told Constantin that he was leaving school because he had it with football. Yet things were going well...

Milson's son.

I doubt that the Cats had anything to do with this guy's decision. It makes no sense at all for them to encourage him to drop out. Maybe the guy really is fed up with football or maybe he just wasn't into school or whatever.

But don't blame the Cats.

An Argo-Cat fan

Maybe it was the fear of actually playing for the Ticats that had him quit football altogether.

Yeah with Lumsden, Caulley and Smith I know I'd be out trying to bag a freshman college running back. That's laughable.

im guanna get yelled at but maby there getting ready to trade jesse? i can only hope :smiley: