Tristan Jackson to be replaced?

I just saw this posted in the main board. I can't even begin to explain how pissed off I am...

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Arkee Whitlock fumbles the ball and drops two endzone passes in his debut, and then continues to fumble after that, and he's OK, but Tristan Jackson, a guy who's given us many great kick returns, and a guy most people consider the best returner in the league next to Taylor, has one bad game, and Hall's thinking about replacing him?

Screw that! The guy that needs to be replaced is Richie Hall. If he's serious about cutting Jackson, then I'm afraid I'll have to jump on the Fire Hall bandwagon.

Don't know if you saw this but there was a rumour that Ramonce Taylor had signed with the Esks as well. Someone at OurBombers apparently saw it on his Facebook page. His MySpace page says that he's in Edmonton and he's cold. The Bombers cut him during TC officially because they said he was having trouble adapting to Canadian rules (for example letting the ball bounce and not knowing it was a live ball) and he fumbled on a return in a pre-season game. It was reported in the Winnipeg Free Press that one of the reasons he was cut was because he fell asleep during a team meeting after breaking curfew the night before.

Signing him would make even less sense... I hope to hell that's just a wild rumour... :?

It is amazing how people get all bent out of shape over untruthful statements or misleading facts. Tristan has been injured. Without Tristan as a returner, the special teams are below average as we witnessed the last two games. Nobody can do what Tristan does. Yes he dropped a few punts, and I must admit, I was yelling at the TV screen as well, but I thought he came back too soon from his injury. He must have felt obligated to return early from his injury since Superman Bradley Robinson showed us that he is no returner. If Tristan is doubtful this week, it is only smart for the Eskimos to bring in someone who will be able to catch punts. There is no one else on the roster that can catch punts, especially in the expected cooler weather. According to the newspaper, Robinson hasnt practice this week, he has an injury as well.
Tristan is not being replaced, I would agree with you that would not be a smart move, but if he is hurt, they must find another player or suffer poor field position again.

later..... :rockin:

If he isn't injured and the Esks brass are wanting to replace him I can think of a few other teams who would be happy to take him off your hands. :wink: I guess the uncertainty comes from Jackson saying he isn't injured. During the game on Friday he told the TSN guy on the sidelines that his problem was mental, not physical.

...i say the esks, should cut Jackson immediately.....he looked as though he didn't want to play for ed. anymore....judging by his play in the Peg.....I'd say his release is imminent....depending on how Ramonce Taylor looks....IF this kid can get his head on straight.....the fans in edm. will forget all about Tristan pretty quick.. :wink:

Please, papa. You can’t fool me. You just want us to release him so you guys can sign him. :lol: