Tristan Jackson cut by SASK

I would not be suprised to see Austin picking this guy up . He's only 27 and likley a favorite of Tilman

The reasosn are that this guy is a proven corner back and proven kick return threat . With Chris Williams likely not coming back this guy can fill 2 holes . He has also played with James Patrick and Shomari Williams last year and Greg Peach the year before that

Salary was an issue for him in SSK - they're trying to make cap space for John Chick's return. Good returner, average back.

That sounds about right . I am guessing he'd play for the cats for a bit less. I think he still could be an upgrade at corner for us and he has played with Patrick as well . We could also use a good kick returner . Are you sure Chick is coming back to the CFL ? that would be great for them

SSK types are acting very confident on Chick rumour. Quite a cap hit if true.

I'd take Tristan Jackson in a heartbeat :thup:

As there is only one import at the corner spot Jackson would have to be flat out better than anyone here. Not sure that he is. The occaisonal good return alone just isn't enough - unless he could be signed at a bargain.

I guess we will have to see what Austin and Co. think...I wouldn't be surprised they take a good look at him because of what he brings...AND I doubt they would pay "too much". Besides, make it through TC and show me on the playing field...just like all the other signings. :wink:

I think its reasonable to assume Jackson's name came up when Austin spoke to SSK yesterday.
Reasonable to assume SSK wanted something for TJ instead of just releasing him. Austin passed on that and probably passed due to salary and overall impact he could bring. Who knows.

It is possible as Austin has already began reshaping his DBackfield. As a punt returner I think that they will can most likely find a replacement for Williams from with Onrea Jones as well as Chevon Walker. Kick off duties are already pretty solid with Giguere as well as both Williams and Jones both playing back there with Giguere. Williams struggled a bit but was slung into the CFL rather quickly starting right away at RB so he did have a lot on his plate as a rookie. Jones was just plain outstanding when he was placed back there with Giguere.
Jackson only an avg DB at best may find himself out of a job.

Here's what the Riders' had to say about Jackson's release, according to their play-by-play guy, Rod Pedersen, in his blog:

"When the Riders announced the release of veteran kick returner/DB Tristan Jackson on Thursday, my phone blew up with messages from across the CFL. They wondered why "T-Jack" was let go. The Riders tell me he doesn't fit in with the secondary since it's been vastly upgraded and he's too expensive to be just a returner. The Calgary Stampeders tell me they won't be sad to see him go. He killed them with the Eskimos and Roughriders."