Triple Header Saturday!

9 hours of CFL,maybe some ncaa to start . What a day!!Actually,there is one drawback.All 3 games are on CBC.

Should be a great day even though its on CBC :frowning:

As someone who lived through the idiotic blackout years, the CBC is fine with me. And give them credit for showing 9 hours of CFL football!!

An Argo-Cat fan


CFL on CBC looks great in HD.

Try and catch the games there!


That means...

Mark Lee/Walby
Steve Armitage/ Khari Jones
????? / ?????

i have to disagree here. CBc Hd may be the worst HD feed in all of sports. Flip around the dial saturday and see the difference.

Lets just hope the games are not all blowouts like the triple header a few weeks ago......

I hate the idea of watching television for anything more than 4 hours, let alone 9 hours.
I refuse to do this. The TiCat fan will be it for me.
Very poor scheduling, IMO, on the part of the league and the CFL.

I'd like to see three games spread out over 3 to 7 days so I don't go bug eyed watching the damn tube.

Dont forget Danny Mac. :wink:

There are times I'd rather watch the SD feed of CBC than their "HD" channel.

Danny Mac is exclusive to TSN so in this case ONLY we can forget about him.

In that case, it seems as though I'll be watching our game without volume. :wink:

Ah yes, the CBC. When it comes to football:

C-Competently :slight_smile:

Watch the games on CBC but listen to the games via the internet. At least you get a choice of what radio broadcast you listen to. And yes, I agree that silence is better than the CBC. They are just mailing it in this year for the broadcasts since it is their last year for doing the CFL.

I have my own commentator who is much better than the CBC and TSN guys so I won't even need the internet. :wink:

And since I always try to be a gentleman and take the high road I will not even ask what your "commentator" will be commentating on. Even though there is so many puns and word plays that could be utilized here for the amusement of myself and many others.

You're much too intelligent and worldly to be entertained by that, aren't you??

Don Wittman/Greg Frers?

Jim Hughson?

Peter Mansbridge?

George Stroumboulopoulos?

Casey and Finnegan?

David Suzuki/Sheila Copps