Trio of Ticats for Top Performers of the Week - Labour Day

Banks, Masoli, and Tasker are the CFL top 3 players of the week! Well deserved! Congrats!

Masoli was also named a Shaw CFL Top Performer in Weeks 2 and 3, as well as a Shaw CFL Top Performer of the Month for June
Not bad.

slightly above mediocre.

The Right step forward, now if we could do that more often in getting that player recognition every week and after every win!

There are only Winners in Football, No losers or Wannabes allowed!

GO CATS GO, Lets Beat Up The Argos again this week at BMO!!

If there were 4 top performers named, instead of 3, the 4th could have been Alex Green.
A nice article about him, here:

Go get em, Tiger!