"Trick" plays .....the referee's role (if any)

We all remember the recent (and very clever) "trick" play the Argos made when they hatched a plan to make it appear that Jamie Boreham was giving up a single but, as it turned out, he kept his knee just off the turf and passed the ball behind him to the runner who indeed got a first down. (cool play !)

My question is this though.

Are the officials briefed on the mechanics of play and pre-warned of the possibility the play may go ahead at some point so the officials don't mess it up by blowing the whistle pre-maturely ?

In this case, it looked like the officials knew the play was coming and were cautious with the whistle .....cause to be quite honest, I jumped the assumption myself that his knee was down (which of course it wasn't) because he started to lower it and who among us ever watches that close :roll:

Any officials out there that can let us know how it works for trick plays ? :smiley:

Thats a good question and ive wondered that myself.
What happens if the ref blows a quick whistle and signals a safety?

I think if they hadnt executed it so well and fast, the whistle might have been blown. I think it was too fast for the ref to even get the whistle to his mouth

I remember a couple of years ago that Hamilton had discussed a trick play with the officials before the game, but I think that was more to ensure that they had interpreted a particular rule correctly. (That was the split tackle play with the three man front. I still don't understand how that was a legal "continuous, unbroken line" as required by the rules. Did that get added the next year?) I don't know if it is standard practice to warn the refs, but in a case like the fake kneel, which could get whistled early, it would probably be a good idea.

Next question. If the refs had whistled it early, I would assume it could be challenged as it would be a scoring play. But if challenged and the call on the field overturned, what would be the result?

Well, whatever the deal is with the officials, we can rest assured the Argos (and especially Mike O'Shea) are dreaming up some sort of scheme to try to make us look like chumps in the semi-final.

(therefore, all those with CSIS experience need to report to the Ticats forthwith)

http://www.csis-scrs.gc.ca/index-eng.asp :wink: :lol:

PS.....you pose another great question "CatsFanInOttawa"

There's an interesting discussion on the CFL Talk forum about an obscure kicking rule that I could really see them trying. http://forums.cfl.ca/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=62357

[b]Rule 5 - Kicking[/b] [b]Section 4 - Kicks From Scrimmage or Open Field Kicks[/b] [b]Article 8 – Recovery Of Own Kick[/b] The kicker or an onside player may recover the kick across the line of scrimmage, in which case the ensuing down shall be first down whether or not the original yardage has been gained.
Actually, I think they may have already tried it this season against us, but Boreham kicked it too far.

The head coaches, individually and together meet with the referee, on field, during the warm-ups before each game. A team planning to try something tricky will let the official know about it at that time.

That's a great recognition of what might be called a loop-hole in the rules. It should work, if a punter rolls out with the ball toward the side of the field where his on-side teammate is lined up near the sideline. The punter makes his decision of whether or not he can reach the first down marker, and if he decides no, he dribbles a punt-on-the-run for his teammate to recover. A defender noticing, and then covering, the on-side player, would be drawn from his man to attempt stopping the kicker from running for a first down. Loved it. Hope the Cats are the ones to use it, successfully, in Montreal later this month.

Or... 3rd and really long, near the end of the game, desparately need the first down.

Line up in shotgun, no backs, six receivers. Defenders are playing back to prevent the big play. At the snap, all receivers run downfield, except Stala, who starts up but then cuts back behind the line of scrimmage. The QB throws to Stala, who immediately taps the ball up and over the line of scrimmage to himself Gaelic football style. Gain of one or two yards - first down.

I like it CFinO. Maybe we shouldn't be sharing these ideas here, abut rather sending them privately to Messrs. Easley & Bellefeuille.

I have a question regarding a kick off. Sorry if it's slightly off topic but...a few weeks ago the Lions defense were so heavily penalized that the opposing team got to kick off at the Lions 35 yard line. What would have happened if he kicked it through the up rights? Would they have been awarded 3 points and a chance to kick off again from the normal spot?

Actually, this one was originally raised a few of months ago on the CFL forums. What I just posted was an extension of an idea someone else posted.

And yes, I could see O'Shea and Prefontaine using something along these lines at some point. If nothing else, our coaches should at least be made aware of the discussions, and hopefully come up with a recognition and counter for the possibility.

Is there a "Dear Coaches" mailbox? Would they listen?

I couldnt figure out why they didnt try to recover a short kick?? Had nothing to lose.

I believe that if the kick is fielded and not brought out of the endzone, 1 point is awarded and the ball is taken at the 25...If not fielded, no point is awarded and the ball is taken at the 25.

There are a few possible ways for the kicking team to score on a kickoff, but that is not one of them.

  • Ball touched by the receiving team, but they do not get the ball across the goal line into the field of play - rouge (single point);
  • Ball recovered by the kicking team (fumble or straight recovery) and ends with possession in the endzone - touchdown;
  • Receiving team takes ball from the field of play into the endzone and then does not get back across the goal line - safety;
  • Receiving team fumbles (or kicks back), recovered by (original) kicking team, who dropkick the ball through the uprights - field goal.

Thanks.............you answered my question. :smiley:

(it sort of looked like the officials had the heads up as to what was coming)