tribute to Travis

First time comment, but had to say something. Was there no way we could stop the Argos from entering the playing field during the tribute to Travis? It was impossible to hear anything above the crowd "boos". Overall a great night, other than concession fiasco. Glad I don't have to make the decision re cuts.

Unfortunately, the Tribute started
before many others in the crowd
had settled down as well, Caroline.

With so many pre-game activities going on,
the P.A. announcer should have re-addressed the crowd
as many times as needed to get them settled down
before the technicians were cued to start the Tribute video.

I understand Travis's mother was in attendance.

It must have been disappointing to see so many in the crowd
going about their business while the Tribute was been shown.

The Tribute was very well done.

Seeing childhood photos and film
of Travis's early years in football

and hearing comments from people
who loved and respected him

along the way right up to
his Tiger Cat team-mates

were very touching.

Yes, it was touching, but let's face reality folks.

As tragic as his passing was, Travis Claridge only played a couple of games for this franchise.

Jim Trimble, a coach that brought glory to the city, was mentioned only as an aftersight after the Claridge tribute had ended.

Why do I get the feeling that the era that this ownership group cares about is the one AFTER they took over?

yeh thety shud have did it later on like after the naition anthem, when every1 is quiet and settled in there seats... people were tlking during it and it made me angry

I think people have to get past the fact that "he only played a couple of games for us" and realize that he had a big impact on a lot of people in this city. The saying "it's not the quantity, it's the quality" comes to mind right now. I agree that a little more of a tribute to Jim Trimble would have been welcome, but I don't think it would have been necessary to have less of a tribute to Travis to accomplish that. It's impossible to quantify sadness based on the level of accomplishment the person brought to the team.

He was a current member of the organization (who many of us knew) and deserves the respect of the team and the fans, thus the tribute.

Point taken.

Without me going though the archives of this forum, what kind of an impact did Travis Claridge have on your life?

I feel this should be Redone..
I could not here it in BOX J
People where comming in Blocked my view.


I’m not borehamgirl… but I figured I would answer that question as well, so you understand that Travis touched a lot of people when he was here.

Travis inspires me. His attitude of always giving his best, of overcoming adversity and never quitting has been very inspirational to me. I’m working hard to make a lot of changes in my life, and when it gets hard, and I want to give up, Travis is one of the people I think about and his memory inspires me to keep going… and I only met him once. He was a really special guy.

He may not have made on impact on your life, but rest assured he made on impact on the lives of his teamates, coaches and staff of the Tiger-Cats.

These people knew him personally. You and I did not.

However, I did think the distorted picture on the "great" Dofasco Tigervision was embarrassing and shameful for such a well produced and touching tribute. Its presentation was somewhat disappointing.

As much as I respect what Jim Trimble did for this team, there is one major reason why the tribute to Claridge overshone his.

Unlike Trimble and Ben Huff -- another former Cat who left this world too soon -- Claridge's premature death was the only reason that he was not on the field on that day, keeping Argo linemen away from Jason Maas and Kevin Eakin.

It's good that they mentioned the passing of alumni Trimble and Huff, but they had to do something special for the CURRENT Ticat.

i dont care how many games he played in a cats unifore. he died way to young and should be showen respect. and i did get to see the hole thing and loved it but it might be nice is they could do this again because the stadiun was empty when they showed it. this should of been played after the anthem.

yeh thety shud have did it later on like after the naition anthem, when every1 is quiet and settled in there seats... people were tlking during it and it made me angry
I'm wondering if it might be possible for the Ticats video techies to put the Travis Claridge presentation in the 'video' section of the website so everyone can see it. 8)

That is certainly what I am hoping for. As I couldn't hear the tribute at all, and I was very disappointed by that.

The Travis Claridge Tribute piece was orginally scheduled to be done after both teams were on the field. After showing the tribute to the team prior to the game -- the team requested to show it before the introductions so they would be able to get in the right mindset before the game. Also the argonauts players came out on the field a little early for their introductions.

We will put the claridge piece on the website early this week.


Thanks Adam.

Thanks i cant wait to see it again. I saw it on friday and it was really well done. RIP travis were still missin ya man

Well said, CK and in answer to Mister_Lahey's question he did make an impact on me. He was a genuinely nice guy who was nice just because that's how he was. He didn't gain anything by talking to the fans like they were his friends, but he did it anyway. He was hardworking and upbeat and he appreciated the fans in a way that many athletes don't. He had a good head on his shoulders and he was generous. Caiteag said it very well. His never-quit attitude was very inspiring.