Tribute to the 86 Grey Cup team

I'm just curious if anyone has any idea which players from that team will be there for the tribute.

Yes let's re-live the past and forget about the present. :x

Just like the Toronto Maple Leafs, although they don’t have much of a past either.

Ok that wasn't helpful in the least. Who could forget the present?? I just want to know whose going to be there, I don't see why you have a problem with that.

Wayne Lee is going to be there. That’s all you need to know borehamgirl…lol. I just want to know where they are going to hold the dinner on October 14, how much are tickets and who is selling them???

Pope, that's why I love you :smiley:


ive heard from Les Browne that 22 are confirmed, I'm looking forward to this game and have been all season!! these guys are my Fave! I loved 99 but this was my first hamilton grey cup!I'm sorry I cant confirm which ones les just said 22? what a night that will be!!

that does sound like a fun time...

It doesn't hurt to relive/revisit the glorious history of this team...
in fact it may help alleviate the baloney we've gone through this year.

I think some current players need to watch the highlight reel of Hamilton teams from yesteryear.

Hey Everyone!

There will be a press release on this shortly, but, I can fill you in on a few things...

This years Wall of Honour Dinner will once again be held at Michaelangelo's Banquet and Convention Centre on Friday October 13th. (Yes, I know it's Friday the 13th!) Michaelangelo's is located at 1555 Upper Ottawa Street.

Cocktails and Porchetta start at 6pm and dinner follows at 7pm. Tickets are $75 each and are all-inclusive.

This years Wall of Honour inductee is Bill Danychuk. Bill played his entire career in Hamilton as an Offensive Guard and Tackle from 1964-1975. He was an Eastern All-Star 5 times and All-Canadian twice. He also played on three Grey Cup Championship Teams.

This year also marks the 20th Anniversary of the 1986 Grey Cup Championship. We will be doing a special tribute to this team and expect that most of the members of this squad will be in attendance.

The Wall of Honour Game takes place two days later on October 15th and there will be a special half-time tribute to Bill and the '86 team.

Tickets can be purchased through the Tiger-Cats office by phoning 905 547 2287 and reaching either myself, Mark at ext 230, Kristin at ext 235 or Katie at ext 238.

This is not a "Tiger-Cat" event, so tickets must be paid for by cash or cheque and picked up at the offices at 393 Main Street East.

Money raised through the dinner are split between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats Alumni Association and the MS Society. The dinner committee just presented a cheque to the MS Society for $5,000 from last years dinner.

This event has really grown over the last few years and we once again expect to have several hundred people attend. So, get your tickets early and I hope to see you there!



Thanks for the info shecky. :thup:

I may boycott the affair since that stubborn 'ol Bruno in 86 pitted my hero Ken Hobart against Mike Kerrigan. :wink: :smiley:

You can't boycott Zontar, it's probably your best shot at talking Ozzy into coming out of retirement :stuck_out_tongue:

Good point, b'girl, maybe I'll bring my family scrap book.

For you trivia buffs Rich Stubler was the DC for the Cats that year. The defense was never the same after he left until Sudsy came along.

I thought you just said on the David Dixon thread that Dixon (born in 1985) was your age. You must have been Hobart’s youngest fan.

I was a very perceptive infant.

What great memories. Those were the days.

Oh, don’t sell yourself short, Zontar. We still think you’re a very perceptive infant. :wink: