Tribute before tonight's game

I hope TSN finally breaks with their stubborn tradition of staying with their in studio talking heads right up until kick-off time and covers fully the tribute to our fallen soldiers tonight prior to the Ottawa - Montreal game.

What incredible scenes as Cpl. Nathan Cirillo is being brought home from Ottawa to Hamilton today along the Highway of Heroes.

This picture I believe along the 417 leaving Ottawa.

I was driving east on the 401 to Port Hope this afternoon.
Amazing to see how many people had turned out on bridges or were parked at the side of the highway waiting for the motor arcade to pass by to pay their respects.
Even though I was driving at the time, both my passenger and I sat in an extended silence as we observed the hearse pass in the opposite direction. :expressionless:

Thought the ceremony before the game tonight was well done. A very impressive O Canada.

The bridge here in Trenton was packed. The fire truck that usually sat at the bottom of Hamilton Rd for the processions was at the top of the bridge and Police were regulating traffic over the bridge to allow as many as wanted to be up there. Very nice.

This was the scene tonight as the procession worked its way through the streets of Hamilton to the funeral home. Hopefully his family - some of whom were in the motorcade - felt the love.

That was a distinctly Canadian rendition of an anthem, done simultaneously in both official languages.Best I've heard in a long time.

A wonderful ceremony last night - and another one tonight that you may have missed watching the CFL game tonight. Just a wonderful three arena tribute to our slain soldiers highlighted by the crowds at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Bell Centre in Montreal and Air Canada Centre in Toronto TOGETHER as one observing a minute silence and then later TOGETHER simultaneously singing O Canada.

So moving - I had chills watching it.

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It was spine tingling… I loved it…