Triathlon #2

This is so funny!

Great job Ti-Cats TV, you guys are great!

Yes, I love these ticat triathlons. Very original. I go to other team sites, and they have nothing like this.

This one was great, but I still think Setta vs. Dyakowski is the best so far.

Richie is a funny guy....

very funny video.

i love the triathalon videos they are so entertaining.

Can't wait to see who is in the next one...

This week's episode has been brought to you by the letter

I agree that Setta/Dyakowski was a bit funnier, but this one was great. Glasper and Williams are two of my favourite players (sorry guys).

This is a great feature!! Brilliant idea.

My favourite part...

Glasper "I know I hit something"
Williams "Yeah, water"

I just love making the American players play 5-pin bowling. A truly Canadian sport. You could tell Glasper was pumped for the bowling event until he saw the lanes and the balls.

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The was new John Williams Movie Review but Ticats TV has it link to to the Triathlon #2 by Mistake

I liked the Setta/Dyakowski one, but I like the Glasper/Williams one even more.

Richie's delivery is so deadpan.

Funniest to me was when Glasper realized his sunglasses were a mistake.

I also love that battleship was played on a table out on the IWS turf. Classic.