Trey Young Not Picked up

CaN Somebody please tell me why Trey Young has not been picked up by any CFL Team. Tell me a Sweeter Free Safety in the league.
THis guy has proven him self time and time again. I just hate when REALLY GOOD PLAYERS get the shaft. Does anybody know whats going on with him.

I don't know Trey. Why don't you tell us?

Hey Trey, how about you call some teams and see what’s up instead of posting on the forum trying to create some sort of buzz?

Ok Well for Starters i am not Trey Do i know him yes but that still does not exclude the fact thats hes one of the best safetys in the CFL and is not picked up.

He's Trey's little brother, Deuce.

I know it’s hard to swallow, but that’s football. There is always someone else competing for your job. Giving Trey a job probably means denying someone else one. I suggest he stay in shape and attend the tryout camps next year. Maybe he’ll get another shot.

There are a lot of good safeties in the league. Just because you know the guy doesn't mean he's the best.


Yeah i do know him and tell me a better safety THAT HAS PROVEN HIMSELF the most feared and hardest hitting safety in the CFL and you know it. Trey doesnt have many weaknesses in his game but you yourself proably never played ball.

Barrin Miles comes immediately to mind.

Hes a Great safety but hes getting the short end of the stick. Ask the players in the CFL about him and why receivers dont want to cross the middle when they play him. HEs a gamer not a scrub by any means.

Barrin Miles is the CFL poster boy hes good but Trey should of snubbed him out 2yrs ago for top safety.

Check out his highlight and you be the judge

First of all, you don't know who I am, or whether I played ball or not, or what level I played at. So I suggest you leave personal references out of it. When you don't know who you're talking to, there's a chance you may be embarrassing yourself.

Second, whether I played ball or not has nothing to do with my right to formulate an opinion, or to post it here. Unlike some people, I have been a part of this forum for a number of years, and did not just join up to try and get my friend a job.

And third, you ever heard of Barron Simpson of B.C.? Montreal's Mathieu Proulx or Etienne Boulay? I'd take any of these guys in a heartbeat. Even the Ticats' Sandy Beveridge has something Trey Young doesn't: A JOB!

I agree.. perhaps Trey Young is too expensive??

maybe he's getting older and there are younger, cheaper players out there?

Perhaps other teams are happy with who they have!

I do remember the guy, but whether or not he's the hardest hitting Safety or not is arguable!

Yeah you maybe right CFLbest that could be the case Might be to expensive. But for a couple of years they have regarded him as one of the hardest hitting safeties in the league commentators always refer to him as that but hes solid all around.

Ok... This is Trey Young. To set the record straight I'm not setting up no blog to create a buzz about me. Over the 22 years of playing football I have met many fans that like me as a player and a person. I do appreciate the fans who enjoy my style of play, but at the end of the day the fan is a fan and does not do contract negotiations. Fans like to start up conversation on these blog sites and that is great. I keep up with the CFL and happen to come across this blog. I'm a fan of football and love it, but people who know me know I would rather make plays and be known as a team player.

Yes, I'm training and enjoying life. I will continue to do me. So, Kana2121 I really appreciate the kind words. I'm not hiding behind a screen name because I want to set the record straight. So, I know people will response to this in a negative way but I can't control that. All I can control is me.

Trey Young

Well Trey, if it's you.. and I hope it is.

keep working hard and don't quit! you just never know if someone will come calling!

there's no doubt you're a good football player! sometimes it's the luck of the draw and i'm sure you know that better than most.

Yes it's me. Thank you. I will continue to train and stay focused. I know how the cfl works. Its a very competitive league. As a import safety it is even harder. I was given an opportunity to showcase my ability to compete in the cfl and I think I did a decent job while I was in the league. So, hopefully another opportunity comes my way. If not will continue helping young athletes achieve there goals through the services of my website

Trey Young

I think the ratio factor plays a big role in determining this. If a team opts to play an import safety then they need to fill another position with a non import, and seeing as a lot of teams opt for a non import at the safety position it doesn't always boil down to one's talent level.

Best of luck and keep working hard.

No disrespect as I think Trey Young is a great player, but every time I hear his name, I can't help but think of this....