Trevor Harris wants to be highest paid QB in CFL

Bo Levi Mitchell probably heard Harris' request and said "that's cute".

Wanting to be the highest paid QB in the league, regardless of accomplishment, is a bit of a selfish stand IMO. Yes he has played well under tough circumstances as the de facto starter all season, but in demanding (or expecting) to make more than everyone else after one good season, it hampers the team (Argos or whoever might sign him) by tying up a good percentage of the cap. The more he demands and is paid, the less there is to pay other quality players. Barker is too shrewd I think to break the bank on one player.

I liked the attitude of Bo Levi Mitchell when he renegotiated his contract in the off season. He was a GC winner but wasn't looking to be the highest paid QB after one very good season. He knows that his success is dependent on having good players around him and that of course takes $$$. Now BLM has not had as good a season personally so not asking for the moon I'm sure has been appreciated by Huff.

Like BLM, it's possible that TH could have a drop off in his play next season too. He needs to realize that one good season does not a proven starter make. He needs to show that consistent high level of play for a few years before demanding too much.

don't be too quick to assume this isn't more his reps idea.

Dam ignorant rep couldn't even have the decency to wait til the season was done, or at least for Toronto.

my guess would be in discussion with his rep, he was sure I would like to be paid more, and that it was the rep who went all highest paid.

Agreed, at least prove your worth it by providing your team with a Grey Cup victory under your wing and or being selected as MOP in the CFL?

Otherwise it's a crap shoot if you should be the highest paid or not, that will come down to many teams asking the above questions or willingness to pay that kind of salary demand based on success and performance?

I say prove yourself first than ask for the big bucks otherwise your just another gamble and like many who have fallen by the wayside before you asking for the big pay but not delivering the goods.

It's just part of the negotiation process ; ask for more than you expect to receive and drive the price up to where you'd actually like it to be.

i say do it. in fact pay him 3 times higher than the current highest qb. than they can try to stay under salary cap by using argo fans as the players.

they will come up short

He would be an improvement in Montreal, Winnipeg,BC and Edmonton. Saskatchewan hasn't gotten anything out of Durant since 2013. One of these teams will be willing to give him starter money appr. 400k.

Edmonton does not need him.

Anyway his agent going public tells you he wants to make a deal with the Argos or he would not have gone public. Once the season ends if there is nothing done, he will likely go to market with his QB at that point Toronto will have to match whatever is offered or let him walk. At his age on his 3rd contract its now or never for Harris to make his money.

It's all part of Negotiations 101, you have an agent float figures out to the media at the max level and down the road this may be the starting point.
Harris will get good money from the team likely around the $300k-$350k range.

Good luck and more power to him if he gets it, but I'll be surprised if it happens.

His agent going public with that ballsy statement tells me he’said a selfish individual and not a team player. Offer him 10% less than Collaros take it or leave it. One good season and he has the balls to ask for top salary in the league? He and his agent are on Crack and so are Barker and the Argos if they give in.

A decent contract, sure, he deserves it. He's the Argos' #1 guy now.

But the highest-paid in the league? That's ridiculous. He's by no means the best QB in the league. I'd take Collaros, Mitchell, Reilly or Burris over him. And Lulay and Durant if it weren't for their injury problems.

Toronto will have to choose, though, and by dumping Ray they can offer Harris a starter's salary.

I can understand you picking Collaros and Mitchell ahead of Harris given their career stage/accomplishments at the moment, but to pick Burris, Lulay and Durant (all who are in the twilight of their careers) is a head scratcher to me.

Harris certainly didn't make a case for himself with his play against Calgary! An abysmal first half and a slightly better 2nd half made him look far from elite! :oops:

Thing is guys!!! New Owners take over January 1. So no decision will be made until management is in PLACE.
Ricky Ray would be a great back up for sure. You need TWO good QBS now a days. They cost money. But necessary!!

Watched this game rather than that other sport with a team called the Brown Jays, er Bluey Jays, something like that :wink: . Yes, the Argo receivers dropped some easy ones but Harris has a ways to go before he is crowned the most expensive qb in the league.

Ok, admit, I did a bit of remote control flipping between the two games yesterday. :wink:

X2 :thup: