Trevor Harris wants to be highest paid QB in CFL

unless he wins the Cup this year (and in spectacular fashion) I doubt it.

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It has been learned Harris, a free agent, through his reps wants to be the highest-paid QB in the #CFL. #Argos via Frank Zicarelli

Prove it first.

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Argos shouldn't break the bank for QB Trevor Harris

What it does confirm is that TO will have to choose between him and Ray. Ray is likely not going to attract any partners with a really bad throwing shoulder, age and huge contract. Really the Argos have no choice but to offer Harris, Ray's money if they want to keep him.

I think he's going to have to at least get to the cup final for this to be realistic. The east is pretty wide open now so as long as he's healthy, I think anything short as a trip to the Peg in November would be the end of that discussion.

The real question is whether anyone will be willing to pay him what he's asking. If Toronto takes a principled stand and says you don't deserve Ricky Ray money until you have accomplished what he has accomplished, then it comes down to whether someone else will pay up.

Is there anyone who would see Harris as an upgrade or an investment in the future that is worth $450k per year?

Montreal? Ottawa? Sask? Winnipeg? Or barring any of these ... the NFL?

His contract is up at the end of this season so its his window... He holds the cards when teams like Montreal, BC, Winnipeg are looking for a starting QB. When you rank the QB's based on performance he's right up there in the top group and Toronto played him all season paying him peanuts while all the money is going to Ray sitting on the IR for a second year in a row.

So his agent put out his feelers because to get signing bonus out of teams now you got to grab them in December between the GC game and Dec. 31st. Toronto is flush with Ray sitting on the IR all year. I expect the Argos will extend him in December for whatever money he demands. They have no choice.

It's simply a negotiating tactic. He'll probably get similar money to Collaros.

Ray was taken off the IR weeks ago.

Then Barker is an idiot. He should have left him there until he's ready to play. Or he took him off so he could trade him and nobody took the bite.

He is ready to play. With the way that quarterbacks have been going down they'd be stupid to trade him.

So the 500k QB is backing up the guy making peanuts but the guy making peanuts is wrong to ask for the same money his backup is making. Hmmm… :wink:

How many Grey Cups has Harris won?

Doesn't matter. Kerry Joseph won a Grey Cup and after that was discarded. Harris has done the job. With a 106% QB rating and a winning record on the road. Grey Cups are not the measuring stick for quarterbacks. He's negotiating his 3rd contract, he deserves to be paid with the best QB's in the league and he will get his money. Toronto will have to choose.

teams like Montreal, BC, Ottawa, Saskatchewan (and quite possibly the Bombers) will be waiting in the wings for Harris raising a fistful of bills at him during FA, and unless the Argos want to get in a bidding war it may be wise to offer a decent contract asap.

and if Harris leads the Argos to the Cup game (whether win or lose) his stock will rise substantially more than it currently sits.

That’s the way I see it. They have to choose and should hurry.

in this business as in most pro sports, the adage "what have you done for me lately?" is always in play.

Not to mention he's won 7 games on the road for them this year. Cause one was in Northern Alberta and the other in Ottawa that show as home games on standings page. When a QB wins 7 road games for you. You need to respect that.

We'll see. With the salary cap room that Toronto has I still think that they have a chance to keep both.

Highest paid at this point in his career, not a chance. Do what he is doing for another 2 years, then he can make that request.
NFL not an option, as he is either turning 30 or already has.

Montreal, Glenn short term, Cato or Bridge long term. Might be interested.
Winnipeg has a starter in Willy, now solid back up as well
Sask long term Durant. Harris won't go somewhere where only an injury will let him play.
BC, Lulay and Jennings, not sure how much interest in Harris is there.
Ottawa, Burris, the way he is playing, he probably gets 2 more years. Harris won't wait.

Hamilton, Calgary and Edmonton are set.

I think this will be Ray's last year, as a "starter", Harris' only real option is Toronto. I would say about $350 for next 2 years then look at $500.