Trevor Harris to start vs BC

And doing it quickly. There was no sense I waiting until Wednesday or something to pretend there was any debate here. Like you say, it was obvious. Do it, move on.

He's not going anywhere, he is a great backup to Harris and you never know what will happen with injuries. He's looked rusty this year and had a couple of bad passes but also thrown a few good ones.
Burris is still a great QB so why would they give another east opponent one of your weapons.
He will stay in Ottawa until the end of the season 100%
Great decision by the coach within 24 hours of the loss to name Harris.

Plus he wants to be around for Grey Cup next year.

Trading him would be idiotic. You'd put yourself in the exact same situation you were in 2014; it's Harris (instead of Burris at the time) then nothing. It would blow up all the planning you've done for the position right to the end of NEXT season.

Montreal depends a lot on whether Popp thinks he could be back as HC if he finishes better, then this seasons' odds might go up to try to squeeze a couple of extra wins and maybe an Eastern semi-final berth. Next season, if there is a new HC (and/or GM) then going younger makes sense; if Popp stays as HC then Hank might be tempting for the sake of his ego to win a few more games.