Trevor Harris to start vs BC

.@Trev_Harris will start at quarterback on Thursday vs BC.

Hello quarterback controversy! It makes sense since Harris was at MOP level and Burris is just.. not.

When Hank was asked to comment about Trevor Harris getting the start this week:

If he lights it up, there will be a controversy .

Change is hardly a surprise. Trevor Harris has the highest QB rating in the league. Henry Burris is 47 points below him. Quarterbacks Jeremiah Masoli and Drew Willy are ranked higher than Burris, and they are no longer starters. So is Darian Durant who threw 4 interceptions yesterday.

BC should provide a stiff test for Ottawa and Harris.

Yes, Trevor Harris has been playing better than Henry Burris but I am still surprised; all along, Ottawa/Campbell have been saying Henry is our QB for 2016. Not anymore! If Ottawa wins their next game and if Trevor has a good game, there won't be controversy but won't be the same if they lose and Trevor does not have a good game.


Well that makes my first pick of the week a little easier to decide on...

Not usually a Burris defender but I don't think he fully recovered from his finger injury either. I think they rushed him back to start once Harris got hurt and that first week back I think that finger was affecting his throws. He's made some good throws but hasn't looked comfortable at times. Even he admitted after being asked about the demotion behind Harris that he still needed to get his finger right. Hopefully Harris is fully healed and isn't just being rushed back in a reaction to losing 3 of the last 4.

Wonder if Henry is up for trade bait?

So long as Harris does well Henry won't see much field time.

If I were Campbell I might have tended to start Henry and watch him get eaten alive by that fierce BC defense. Once done - Harris could have been inserted (by half-time) in an attempt to save the day and Henry would have no real recourse other than to bite his tongue and fake like he enjoys Harris's success.

I dont think anyone is going to trade for a 41 year old QB.

I think Henry realizes his next career is in Ottawa and should be happy he is there.

With injuries galore you have to keep Burris . Harris also getting injured as well this season means nobody is expendable . Burris arm strength is still top notch ; his accuracy and touch on the ball needs a little fine tuning . He has let the ball slip a few times this season and I think his grip is not 100 percent and now Harris has the helm until further notice . To be fair to Burris that last game had no run game whatsoever and Burris plays better with a little run action . I wish they kept J Johnson who signed with BC he was a great north/ south runner .

Actually, if he lights it up there will not be any controversy as Burris has not truly shone since his return. Now if Harris struggles then I see a controversy erupting.

Credit for coach Campbell for making the obvious move.
Placing team ahead of a veteran with a great history.
This type of move should have been made twice over the past years here in Toronto.
Zach should have been kept over Ray and then again last year with Harris.
It's obvious how our GM and Coach should walk the plank for horrid decisions that has set back the team for years.

Actually the league is indebted to Argos on their QB developments.

And now Ray is back.

Reminds me of Esks years ago...QB development for the league.

Good post. I'm as big a Burris fan as anyone around here, but I still think it was the right move at the right time. Keep Burris as a 1A QB in case of injury or to spell Harris in a bad game if need be. It's a long road back to the Grey Cup, so it's definitely smart to keep two excellent QBs around if you can.

And the question that now arises re: Argos QBs . . . where does Fajardo start next season, Montreal perhaps? :x

Nice to hear. :thup:

It sounds to me that Burris was brought back a little early when Harris was injured. Guess the thinking was a 75% Burris was better than 100% Jenson. But the thinking this week, now that Harris is healthy again, is that a 90-100% Harris is better than a 75% Burris.

It will be interesting to see if Burris takes back the reins in a few weeks once his finger has time to fully heal, especially if Harris plays as well as he did earlier in the season.

This is the end of the Henry Burris era in Ottawa, mark my words. Harris is a way better Qb and Ottawa is a way better team with him under center.

The writing is obviously on the wall for Hobblin' Hank....

he can spend some idle time taking on his tormentors on the TSN panel (mostly Dunigan and Milt) plus there's a good chance he'll be traded:

My trading odds for Hank are as follows:

  • To Montreal (for either Glenn or Cato) = 15%
  • To Sasky (for a neg-lister or draft pick) = 12%
  • To Toronto (for draft pick or Rick Foley) = 10%
  • To stay in Ottawa as Harris's understudy = 35%
  • To retire prior to season end (with a huge payout) = 25%
  • To replace Schultzie on TSN panel = 3%

This isn’t that surprising. If Burris came back and played well he likely would have kept the starting job, but he played poorly. The Offense with Harris has looked light years better and one of the best in the league, they were middle of the pack with Henry starting.