Trevor Harris to Ottawa?

[u]Harris would look good in red and black[/u] TIM BAINES, OTTAWA SUN

[b]TORONTO - These are the kind of whispers that go on behind closed doors to avoid tampering charges, but on Sunday the Ottawa RedBlacks got a good look at a late-bloomer, a guy who could be their starting quarterback next season.

Going into the game against the RedBlacks, Harris had completed 75% of his passes -- 174-of-232 with 16 touchdowns and just four interceptions.

Here's the scenario: Harris is a free agent, so is Ray, following the 2015 season. The Argos will have to make a decision; they won't be able to afford both. Most CFL teams seem set for the future at quarterback; the RedBlacks' situation is muddy at best. Surely, the Argos will try and sign Harris, but maybe he waits, looking to cash in. Some players only get one crack at a big payday -- this will be Harris' chance.

Henry Burris will be in the final year of his three-year deal with the RedBlacks in 2016. He'll also be 41. He's a tremendous ambassador for the franchise and he still has plenty of game -- he completed 32-of-36 passes Sunday against Toronto. Do the RedBlacks bank on Smilin' Hank for 2016? Maybe. Do the RedBlacks bank on any of Thomas DeMarco, Danny O'Brien or Brock Jensen being their future QB? Maybe. Or maybe not.[/b]

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Hands off. :twisted:

The idea that the Argos would allow Trevor Harris seems ludicrous. It seems more likely they will part ways with Ricky Ray, maybe the RubyGlooms will want another aging QB.... :smiley:

The Argos will do their utmost to keep Harris.

Harris will give the Argos first chance to retain his services.
i.e. He won't pull a "Collaros" on them.

He will stay a sculler. :thup:

Collaros left for a starting role when he was only being offered a back-up role with the Argos. Are you suggesting Harris would happily re-sign for back-up pay if he is told the team is still committed to Ray as their starter?

If he re-signs as the designated starter that's not really comparable to the Collaros situation.

I recall the situation as Collaros asked to be let out of the remainder of his contract to pursue opportunities in the NFL.
The Argos, per their policy, obliged him.
Within a week, he was signed by the Tiger-cats.

Harris may win the starting job away from Ray ? If he keeps playing well , how could the Argo's start Ray down the stretch ? Having two capable QB's on your roster is a huge advantage .

Not quite. He would have become a free agent within weeks anyway.

TORONTO -- Zach Collaros won't have to wait until the start of CFL free agency to find out how much he'll be worth on the open market.

The Toronto Argonauts released the backup quarterback Wednesday, more than two weeks before Collaros was scheduled to become a free agent. Instead of having to wait until Feb. 15 to begin weighing outside offers, Collaros is free to start testing the waters immediately and sign with the team of his choice.

Right on Doctor! I wonder also if the Al's would have an interest in Ray. And Lulay in BC could use some help.

Harris is a rising star and in Toronto to stay much like Collaros in Hamilton.

Not unheard of. Drew Tate did it.

What you call a "Collaros", I call an "O'Shea", as I think a lot of Ticat fan would.

Exactly, my team already made a bonehead move of letting a blue chip player like Zach go, there is no way Harris goes.

You could just as easily use Baines' argument to illustrate why Ray will be a RedBlack next year.

I feel it will be Ray in Ottawa next season.

So if Ray goes to Ottawa, how do they deal with Burris. Burris is aroung 450,000 next year I think. Pretty well untradeable. Can they jut say "Thanks for comming out" and just release him or does he have any hidden guaranatees in there somewhere?

If, that is IF Ray went to Ottawa, then Burris would be released, unless Popp possibly or verrry slight chance Wally might want him in trade.

Who knows after the crucial shoulder surgery Ricky may never play again?

Lulay will be a free agent next year also, I believe. So the Lions could be in the market for a QB too. Lulay might resign in B.C...or maybe in Ottawa?

There's no way the Argos will part with T. Harris. He'll be resigned in Toronto for at least $350k per season, as soon as Ray's tenure with the team is determined.

The Argos would be smart to trade R. Ray this season if he's becoming a free agent next year. Some team like Sask or Wpg might pay dearly to have Ray guide them in the playoff hunt...if only for this season.

By trading Ray now, the Argos would be gambling that Harris stays healthy, although they do have some other good QB prospects in the system. There's no saying that a healing Ray will play lights out or will perform any better than some other Argo backup this year.

Toronto is not going to trade any of their QB's this year.

You recall it completely wrong. Collaros was never pursuing NFL opportunities. He was let out of his deal just weeks before it was set to expire so he could sign before free agency. He wasn't going back to Toronto, they were committed to Ray at that point, so he got to negotiate with the other teams before free agency began. Winnipeg and Hamilton were vying for his services and he went to Hamilton, for less money than he was offered in Winnipeg, no less. After that, the Ticats released Henry Burris, who was also scheduled to become a free agent, because it was clear he was no longer in their plans and it allowed him to sign a deal with someone else, in his case it ended up being Ottawa.

Painting what Collaros did as some type of treasonous act is wholly unfounded and completely fabricated. In your mind only, it seems, did Zach Collaros do anything wrong. He was aiming for a starter's role on another CFL team, because he wasn't going to get that shot in Toronto, and Hamilton was the team he chose.