Trevor Harris Snubbed?

During training camp 2012, Trevor Harris shot the lights out. Then Collaros comes in and displaced him the next season. I believe that this happened simply because Harris is from a DII school and Collaros is from NCAA.
Harris is clearly a better That may be pushing it a little, but if Harris had the same number of reps as Collaros, I do believe that he would have better numbers.

Trevor Harris is a QB that will excel more so than Callaros in my opinion!

Actually I'd be tempted to trade Ray for Ottawa's #1 or #10 pick and put the 300k in free agency.

Trestman and Ray in Ottawa...

Are there rumblings of Trestman getting fired? I know his tenure in Chicago hasn't been great, but I put more blame on Jay Cutler being an average QB.

Tresman was suppose to make Cutler great.

Cutler is great in his own mind...

They play in Green Bay this week....


I'm not sold. This was Ottawa, the worst team in the league, clearly playing to evaluate and not win, playing with a very good group of Argo receivers. I didn't see any needle threading or high pressure situations for me to make such a call.

Every time out he's been money. He's smooth as silk, great vision and he can throw on the run.

Yup, and too much into Cutler to axe him.

Pretty small pool of work to say Harris is better than Collaros.
Collaros got the initial start because he was a little more mobile than Harris, so for a first start without Ray they gave it to him, and he l=played lights out for a couple of games and clearly was not getting replaced for someone else. It was a coinflip decision, and the Argos have always said it was a coin flip race between the 2
Harris also played for what…4 seasons in other leagues, so does have some experience, so yeah…he does have a nice leg up there.

If Chicago does fire Trestman, I'll be severely disappointed. He's a better coach than his record shows. If he ends up back in the CFL, fantastic, but if he gets fired because of Cutler... He deserves better.

Well 35-0 at the half.. Actually five minutes to go yet.. Trestman is toast. Chris Williams has had plenty of kickoff returns and done nothing as well.

Yeah. GB has scored on every possession and GB players are laughing on the sidelines.

TD chris williams.. Maybe he will tweet the Cats and say,"suck"

Well the Bears defense certainly "sucked" tonight.

"Suck" would be a good word to describe Chris WIlliams: "The contract I signed was too long"..."The agent I hired was unqualified"..."WAAA!"

As for Trevor Harris, he may become one of the elite QBs of the future; but to say he's better than Collaros would be to say he's better than Ricky Ray. Think about it: the Argos had a better win percentage in games that Collaros started last year than in games that Ray started; and while Collaros won 8 of the 11 games he played this year, Ray won 7 of the 17 he played. Ray's high completion percentage is based on a ton of 3 and 4 yard passes that guys like Owens turn into first downs, bolstered by one or two big plays per game. He was a great QB and is destined for the HOF, but he's not the player he used to be.

I wasn't even sold on Collaros until September, but then he proved himself. After I see Harris play real time against a team that has shown some signs of life, I'll make a decision on whether he's good or not.