Trevor Harris rumor

Seems to be a rumor floating around on twitter, Trevor Harris might be signed and DD released. happen to come across this from a Facebook group Äll Rider fan page" Not sure how much weight this info carries but, wouldn't come as a huge surprise. I'd even speculate Darian himself has being wondering his own career future with the Riders.

Given that at this point it's a Rumor, still that absolutely wouldn't surprise me. DD hasn't seen action for a long time, this in itself begs a bunch of obvious questions, couple that with high cost. That formula really doesn't bode well for this very respected QB.
Does Rider MGmt want to take the risk or go cheaper and proven healthy.
I know this, there will be a Gazzilion Rider Fans shocked and angry if/when DD goes.......if in fact that's what happens. :cowboy:

IF it had a sliver of possibility, I expect it would at least be a camp battle to at least let them compete and challenge for the roster rather than outright release DD.

Tough to pay both start contracts to battle it out. Harris is more than likely to be offered a starter job somewhere (BC likely). That said, it is not secret Jones likes Harris at QB, and it has been speculated on here more than once in the past as well that he might be a Rider.

Something to add to all of this speculation...Harris has also been garnering looks from NFL club, and actually doing workouts.

Normally I would say this better not happen, but given the previous moves lately at this point I don;t even care anymore.

These moves have nothing to do with football. They are ego moves. The money and the power has gone to Jones' head. These names are huge and legendary and he's cutting them simply because he can. To us, this team is OUR BLOOD. To Jones, it's just a shiny new toy under the tree.

The team is going down the toilet.

Actually considering boycotting.

Stay tuned is all I can say. Cheers

I like Harris. He's a good quarterback. Nothing against him, but Durant is a CHAMPIONSHIP quarterback. People say that he's overrated. He makes lucky plays. If he made 1 or 2 lucky plays but otherwise didn't win much, I would agree. But he's been making 'lucky' plays for 8 years. He makes magic because he KNOWS how to make magic. Because he puts in the training to be in top shape, to know the defenses, to make average plays work and be lucky. he knows exactly what he's looking for when he looks downfield. he has killer instinct and never gives up on anything.

3 win teams that want to improve to 8-10 win teams ad fizzle in the playoffs sign good average QBs like Harris. Teams that are trying to build CHAMPIONSHIP offense for a CHAMPIONSHIP team sign Durant.

There is a reason that Harris was red hot in July and August, but then had great difficulty getting 1st down and turning the ball over in October. He was a good QB that no one had seen much of. After labour day, everyone had the film. Good DCs adjusted the coverages and started picking him off. Durant doesn't give a damn how good the defense is. He goes out makes plays happen because he knows that as a CHAMPIONSHIP QB he has no other option.

If you want to be a bad team, go get Matt Nichols.

If you want to be a decent average team get Harris.

If you want to win a grey cup, stick with Durant.

Every season, no matter the record the year before, I want this team to win the grey cup. If Jones dumps Durant for Harris, tell me why the hell should I bother caring? Cap move? Bulls**t. Ricky Ray for Steven Jyles Part II.

But he also has great difficulty “adjusting” to new receivers. DD has been fortunate enough that he has had his receiving core intact for as long as his tenure so far. I doubt that is the situation this year with the key piece of his success no longer there. Don’t forget that Sheets had just as much to do with winning that championship as Doubles did.

Murphy stated on Greenzone today that DD is the starter for 2016, and very clearly stated that the rumors have no truth to them. He also stated that DD's rehab is, as I posted in length in another thread a few days ago, ahead of anticipation. Also that talks with him are ongoing. If something happens then something has drastically changed quickly. He was pretty pointed about it, and I don't really see Murphy as a cloak and dagger guy.

podcast is not up yet.

I agree with you in yes this is Jones saying I'm in charge and will do whatever I want now deal with it. Yes it is an ego move and as I said about the Dressler and Chick moves on paper it is justifiable but will it be on what we see on the field? I have my doubts especially this year or perhaps even next year. That is the problem though if Jones thinks fans will stand by and watch him gut the team and then they still play like crap that they will support him? The team has suffered two bad seasons in a row and to expect them to put up with another two or three is asking a lot and frankly I don't think Jones will have that much rope allotted before he is hung.

This is not an expansion team so to expect fans to idly sit back and watch a very good offense get gutted when really there was only a few areas that needed to be cleaned up may be more then will be tolerated. As I said Jones has shown in the past that he is not the type to stick around and if things go sour the first two seasons either he will pull the pin himself or the mass outrage by fans could easily see him gone. The problem is then its more then a tad too late to reflect on the moves and if they really were in the best interest of the team.

Yes Durant should expect to have to restructure his contract simply due to the fact of not playing for the last season and a half. I think as I said about the Dressler contract it should be more incentive heavy and less base. You really are at little risk this way. IF the player performs and performs well they are rewarded it. Most likely if the incentive bonuses kick in then the team also is likely to have performed well or at the very least that player has and can you really have an issue with paying him for that? If you do then your not going to have many players of any caliber stick around. Why would they? Hmm I work my butt off and perform well and my reward is either getting released or traded? Umm yeaahh I think I will pass on that and many good players will do just that.

All this crap about players wanting to play for Jones is just that, crap. Players want to play for a winning team sure but they also want to be paid for it and with the length of their careers I can't blame them. If anyone is naive enough to think we can have a genocide of the team and then get other players just begging to step in so they too can have the same experience of the predecessors then enjoy your ride on that Unicorn. Players are not stupid and it doesn't take long for the word to get out on how to expect to be treated by a certain team.

Oh I keep hearing that BC and Calgary handles their players this way and yet really how much success have they had? Yes in the regular season Calgary lights it up but then come the playoffs they quite often fade. Calgary has won no more cups then we have in the last 10 years so really is that so impressive? What about BC and the way they have handled vets? Has that exactly panned out to a winning recipe? Last time I checked it sure hasn't.

Sure it would be great to have a winning team like the Stamps every year but as I said but if you don't win the whole enchilada, what's the point? to be able to brag "oh we have a great team every year but we just don't win when it counts that often" is kind of frustrating too.

Dead bang on brother :thup:

That's total crap too. When Dressler came on board in 2008 they hooked up right away. When Fantuz moved into starting role they had rapport right away. Taj Smith who struggled at times, never struggled with Durant. Durant and him had a secret wavelength in the air right from the first scrimmage.

The only receivers who struggled with Durant were the same retreads that struggled everywhere else (Greg Carr, TJ Harris, Gryce-Mullin etc). And then Eron Riley and Jordan Sisco, they struggled because they just weren't any good. Nothing to do with Durant.

Oh and I will add this to my previous post about Calgary and BC and how they "handle" their players. Look at the attendance of either teams and tell me this formula has been successful in getting fans into the stands. Lol a good crowd in BC is 25,000 and about the same with the Stamps while here that is considered a poor turn out.

Yes the Riders are the only pro team we have so yes that has some effect no doubt, but does anyone consider perhaps the loyalty that fans in Saskatchewan show is partially due because of players like Dressler, Durant, Chick? Fans of any team want to form an association or a bond with that team and its players. That is exactly what has happened with these three players and fans support them with all their heart and soul.

Now we change strategy and instead of keeping good solid players that are fan favorites we do like the Stamps and the Lions and dump them with out a second thought in order to bring in a cheaper version of these players. How many fans do you think are going to go that extra effort to support these new guys when they know that they could be gone before the ink dries on their jersey? Is that being successful? Is that what fans will support? If you look as I said about the Stamps and the Lions indications would be no they won't.

Well, you have to hear the conversation when it happens. Let's suppose this:

GM: "We love you, but we'd like to cut your salary so that we can keep you AND add depth so that we can win with you. We'd like to cut 40k off your base but perhaps we could talk about incentives to some or most of it back so long as you're healthy and productive."

player: "Hrmm, well we can talk, how about a 20k cut?"

GM: "Come into the office tomorrow and we'll take you to lunch and talk."

In this scenario there's a good chance that a compromise can be reached. Especially knowing in the case of Dressler and Chick how much they love playing here and are such great character guys on top of their outstanding skills.

But if the conversation went like this:

GM: "We're chopping 25% off your salary. Take it or leave it."

then the response is likely: "Get bent. I wasn't all that excited to play for a pompous d-bag like you anyways, so leaving is actually not that hard. I'll go to Toronto and whoop your ass twice this year!"

I wasn't in the room but knowing Jones' attitude and the stance that he is holding I'm pretty sure that he had no intention of keeping these guys. He KNEW that if he proposed hefty cuts in salary that they would not accept and walk out the door. Then he could just tell the fans the excuse that they didn't fit the cap, which is bull.

The reason that these guys are gone has NOTHING to do with football or winning. It has everything to do with power. These guys had clout. These guys had a rapport with the board. These guys were a big part of the marketing strategy. Jones doesn't want that. Jones doesn't want to be the most powerful guy in the company. That's not enough. He wants to be the ONLY powerful guy in the company. If Rory Connop says to the media "well maybe if we'd blitz more I'd get more sacks" no one is gonna care. But if Chick were to say that, then people will start to second guess Jones because Chick has POWER. Jones will not risk that. Arrogant fathead Jones is protecting himself. He is laying down the law that no one can cross him. "If I can cut Dressler and Chick or even Durant, then don't mess with me, I can do ANYTHING."

Don't kid yourself. That is the only reason that any of this stuff is happening. If it was about cap, they would find a way to keep at least one of them because they are irreplaceable players. No matter who you get back with the money saved, they player will not be as good.

I totally agree, and if Jones was smart, which he ain't, he would make an effort to come to terms with Dressler and chick!!

I will make one savage point that destroys all credibility behind Chris Jones reasons for these cuts.

Shea Emry is STILL on the roster.

If he was really trying to find cap space, he would have cut Emry 10 minutes after he was hired.

The cap space excuse is a blatant lie.

Case closed.

I don't care that Dressler Chick and Durant are fan favorites. T-Brack was a fan fave, he had to go. He's gone. I'm sad for him but I'm not sad for the Riders.

But the roster is now basically an expansion team. They are starting over. Why???

Teams that start over are desperately trying to find guys like Chick, Dressler and Durant, because acquiring guys like Chick, Dressler and Durant are how you STOP being an expansion team.

I am NOT sad for Chick and Dressler at all right now. I am sad for THE RIDERS! That is the difference.

So instead of blowing up everything and starting over which on average takes 3 years (of competent management) to get back to contender status, why not take the short cut and just keep the all-star studs as a foundation? Fill it in with some young fresh talent and given proper coaching come playoff time everything should be gelling for a good run THIS YEAR.

Cur dead weight? Of course. Cut out the heart? Totally foolish.

I don't get why you mess with those that played well last season, Chick played well, as did Weston, need some cap take the time and work with them, I hope as free agents now, he trys to get them resigned, man to cut the face of the fanchise, in Dressler is just plan stupid!! I still don't get it, over paid or not!!

Ahh yes. Cap room.

Dressler and Chick were cut for cap room ... but Shea Emry is still here ... :roll:

Total BS.

I don't get that either, that was a bad trade from the start anyways!! we have Knox and Daughty who proved they can fill that postion , so why is Emry still here!!