Trevor Harris - Opportunity Knocks

Wow, you may as well throw Ricky Ray in there , if your looking at those guys.

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Where is Ricky Ray anyways, back in Edmonton?

You want Ottawa to throw in a Bugatti Veyron with that too maybe??? :nerd_face:

Crapinga would be a massive upgrade over Ali Mourtada.

His time on the 6 game injury list is now up. Surely his hamstring has healed up by now?

If not, maybe Andrew Harris still has some vitamins left that he could share with Crapinga.

Jeff Hamilton mentioned that there was some sort of fallout between Tyler Crapigna and Winnipeg. The only reason why he is still technically with the Bombers is due to him being injured. Crapigna is physically not with the team anymore and it sounds like if he is going to play in the CFL, it will not be with Winnipeg.

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Easy there Area 51 (if that's your real name). You start handing AH vitamins to a kicker?

Bombers will be attempting FG's from their own 40 yard line. :laughing: Lol

That would explain it.

Makes ZERO sense to go with a terrible Import like Mourtada instead of a much better NI like Crapinga - - unless you’re basing the decision on ego and personal hard feelings.