Trevor Harris - Opportunity Knocks

Nichols would be a proverbial death wish in the current under-powered Als offense. I think Schiltz is more than capable if VA is only out 2 or 3 games. If more, then put Nichols on the list of scrap-heapers, along with Trev Harris and a few others.
Any word on how long Adams out?

Was referring to the possibility Harris in the Red and Blue holding the clip board with Shiltz taking the snaps.

As for how long. No official word yet.

Now Matt Nichols may indeed not be the Nichols of old since his second serious shoulder/collarbone injury. But I'd say you're very wrong if you think Trevor Harris belongs on the scrap heap. The Blue Bombers would be wise to try to land Trevor Harris if he's available.


He's now been placed on the six game injured list.


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That question came from LyleBStyle not I.

Harris may not yet be a "scrap-heaper" but he's become increasingly gun-shy, just like Armando Sewell (ex-teammate) said he was.
QB starters in the CFL are paid relatively well, to PLAY FOOTBALL. Most of the top guns in our league (Top 6 to 8 guys anyways) are paid $325k to $750k - Reilly & Bo-Levi at the high end, Collaros, Trevor Harris & Masoli at the next salary level.

But CFL QBs need to keep their jobs and soon realize they have to absorb huge amounts of punishment by holding on to the ball that extra half to 3/4 of a second. While defenders no long able to hit QBs high (or too low for that matter) there's only a 15 yd penalty available for roughing the passer - a paltry amount if you can inflict game-reducing effectiveness and only get tagged for 15 yds.

Guys like Harris appear to have turned the corner and don't want to get hurt. Thus, they often throw the ball away, throw it into a check-off guy's ankles or into the sidelines. Harris doesn't want to take those extra hits anymore (like Sewell noted) so he does what he does.
Guys like Reilly, Masoli, Adams, Schiltz, Evans, Fajardo still seem to relish contact in order to generate hero yards - but look what happened to Reilly & Fajardo earlier this season. Now Adams!
Guys like Collaros, Bo-Lev Mitchell, MacBeth, etc. have mastered the art of burying the ball, taking a soft sack and the like vs. leaving themselves open to being vegetabled.

If Harris can play like Harris did play - then he's still a viable QB in our league. If he's reluctant to take late hits that means he's throwing before he has made any secondary reads. It might save his body - but it really jeopardizes his career (as a starter).

The best example of a relatively immobile QB who stretched his career to the max without taking on major pelting or injuries has to be Kevin Glenn. He knew how to strike the balance between avoiding huge wallops while still maintaining above average production - albeit never able to hoist a ball in a Grey Cup.
Adams went hero in the Als final series last week and may be out some for his heroics. Luckily the Als don't have a mope like McGuire or Nichols at backup. Schiltz is a legit CFL performer!

Interesting suggestions!

Kevin Glenn last saw action in 2017 when he started seventeen games for the Saskatchewan Roughriders completing 318 out of 468 passes for 4038 yards with a QB Efficiency Rating of 100.0. But having been born on 12 June 1979 he's over 42 years old now.

Travis Lulay last saw action in 2018 when he started twelve games for the British Columbia Lions completing 187 out of 311 passes for 2494 yards with a QB Efficiency Rating of 84.8. And having been born on 27 September 1983 he's substantially younger than Glenn.

I'd therefore be inclined to go after Lulay if he's interested.


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Kudos to the Als for taking some extra time to evaluate and re-evaluate Adams. Obviously Vernon wanted to get back in there - thats what proud & courageous guys do. Matt Dunigan & Buck Pierce were also proud and courageous. Look what happened to them. They became concussion machines!
When a team makes the call on an injured player should not be at the fans (like us) beck 'n call. It should be done carefully, with utmost respect & care to the health of the damaged player.
I suspect either Nichols or Harris will be heading to the Als in the next couple days. Whats Drew Willy up to these days?

*Willy is another example of a guy who doesn't care about results. Just wants a big paycheque. Thats why his last couple years were spotty - he tended to toss the ball away when he felt the most paltry amount of pressure, trying to keep himself clean. Nichols and Harris are sure trending that direction, too!
Both guys trying to balance looking like a legit QB without absorbing punishment - - - which doesn't always get you the needed results!

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Age aside - I would think 38 yr old Lulay is more damaged than 42 yr old Glenn. Als will scour current CFL rosters, inquire about trades (Nichols, Harris, etc.) and look at who's left on the negotiation lists across the land.

Bombers first priority is to fix the kicking game....They would be more interested in Sean Whyte than Harris...I'm sure that Wpg's backup McGuire is more than capable ....if he were called upon....

Another interesting suggestion! Drew Willy last saw action in 2018 when he started four games for the Montréal Alouettes completing 77 out of 113 passes for 566 yards with a QB Efficiency Rating of 94.1. But having been born on 13 November 1986 he's substantially younger than either Glenn or Lulay.

Buck Pierce of course is already with the Blue Bombers and was born on 15 November 1981 so he's younger than Kevin Glenn. Pierce though hasn't played since 2013.


I don't think Harris is any where near washed up. He keeps himself in top shape throughout the year. Same happened to Collaros and looked what happened. A 36 year old QB doesn't seem to be the end of the line for them. Edmonton shouldn't let him go

The Alouettes could use him now. Unless Schiltz rises to the occasion.

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Drew Willy just vanished like a fart in the wind.

Silly got to the point where he was terrified about getting hit - - he makes Timid Trevor Harris look like a courageous warrior in comparison.

Indeed - Wee Willy Wonka (Drew) appears terrified at the mere thought of 3 d-linemen lining up on his o-line. T-Ball Harris is definitely a warrior, only by comparison to Willy!

Jeff Hamilton thinks it will be hard to trade Trevor Harris because there are rumors of him being not vaccinated.

You shor do speak prudy. Lol

Sometimes long winded, but I read every word, looking for your wordisms like

leaving themselves open to being vegetabled

Wee Willy Wonka

T-Ball Harris

You keep posting um, I'll keep reading um.

Medlock set the bar too high. It's hard to replace the best pure field goal kicker this franchise ever had. Maybe we should just hand the keys back to Liegghio and wait for him to grow into the position. :expressionless:

Before Collaros surfaced in Wpg Medlock was pretty much the only routine scoring machine they had. Nichols had one very good, short run w/ the team, Drew Willy, Max Hall, etc. were pretty much itinerant QBs. I think Medlock was the broom-sweep during the last years of the Kevin Glenn "Dynasty". Not a ton of TDs but Medlock routinely put 3 pts on the board when the bombers bogged down deep into enemy territory.

btw - Liegghio is quickly developing into a fine CFL punter. Bomber braintrust thought Ty Crapigna & Leighio would patch up the Medlock absence. In a sense, they have. . . . Leigghio is a slightly better, more powerful punter than Medlock. The FG situation - thats still in huge distress!!!