Trevor Harris - Opportunity Knocks

With Harris off the roster for at least the next game (vs. Bombers) I think there might be some negotiations in the works.
Bombers (though they'll deny it) are desperate for an experienced hand to run their offense should something happen to Z Collaros.
Edmonton seems poised to enter the future without Harris in their plans.
So the game is afoot. What would it take for Winnipeg to pry Harris out of Alberta? My guess? Not that much - perhaps a 2nd round pick in next year's CFL draft. Otherwise they'll go after Matt Nichols for a price not near as high as Harris.
Might be Trev Harris's final opportunity for redemption approaching his 36 birthday.
There's also the chance Harris is washed up but I'll let guys who are on the CFL pay grid determine that. All I know is Edmontn is done w/ Harris + Bombers need an experienced #2.

I wonder how much his poor performance is due to injury. Harris looked great, perfectly dialed in, on Labour Day. It's tough to reconcile his performance that day with what we've seen recently.

Very interesting prospect. I have my doubts.
Would be sweet if you're correct

Harris to Harris for the Touchdown, sounds good, right?

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If we get Nichols back from Ottawa we'll have two of them as well. :grin:

I don't like Bombers chances at a 2nd straight Cup if Collaros isn't behind centre!
However, if the price of obtaining either Nichols or Harris is the same (2nd round pick or conditional somesuch) then Harris might be the better choice. He's a bit more mobile than IronMan Nichols and his short to intermediate passes have a bit more zip on them. Bomber WRs might be befuddled by Harris throwing too long vs. coming back for Collaros's typically underthrown scraps.

That said. Bombers are doing a high-wire act without a net by not having an experienced #2 guy. Both Nichols & Harris might be slightly damaged goods at this point (either physically or psychologically, prolly both) but Bombers still need 1 of them!

We definitely need a capable backup QB that's for sure. That's been my position since Game One. If Collaros makes it through this season injury free then I'll have been proven wrong. Happily so.

I think Nichols falls into our laps in the offseason after Ottawa lets him go. Harris has more upside and once Edmonton is officially eliminated from the playoffs we MIGHT have a shot at getting him this year before the trade deadline. :smiley: :+1:

As of tomorrow Morning, Montreal may also be on the market for a QB.

I believe the Blue Bombers are good enough to repeat with any of Zach Collaros, Trevor Harris or Matt Nichols at the helm.

The only misstep the team has made lately is letting Lucky Whitehead go. What were they thinking?


Lucky came here as a kick return specialist first and a reciever second. We found out early on that he was also terrific running sweeps out of the backfield. That dual role wore him out halfway through the season and he missed the Cup due to injury. We had no idea he was THAT good at the reciever position.

I can forgive our tall foreheads for this oversight. They've done a pretty good job so far with the rest of the team. :grin:

Interesting with respect to Lucky Whitehead.

My spouse started making her own CFL Fantasy picks (with some assistance from me) late in the 2017 season. At the start of the 2018 season she announced that she no longer wanted my assistance because she wanted her picks to be her own. But she'd learned quite a bit from me so she quickly became a well above average player. Her overriding ambition was to beat me at least some of the time although she only succeeded every few weeks.

But she'd embraced the Winnipeg Blue Bombers as her favourite team when Milt Stegall was with the team because she thought it was cool for a fellow who had a name like a soup kitchen operator on the Lower East Side to be a superstar WR. She'd also acquired an immediate fondness for Lucky Whitehead last year because we have a cat named Lucky and she liked Whitehead's hair.

So right out of the gate this year she picked Lucky Whitehead three weeks in a row. Since she was also most often picking Kenny Lawler and the Blue Bombers Defence, she got off to a terrific start. In fact I only moved ahead of her for the season this past week! (I'm currently #28 out of 9384 participants but she's still in the top 1.5% of participants.)


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Interestingly enough, Collar is and Harris were teammates on a Grey Cup winning team - - when they were both rookies with the 2012 Argos.

I’m pretty certain the Edmonton braintrust is going to chance their mind about benching Harris after they watch Tay Cornelius get massacred this Friday. I like his game a lot, but Cornelius is nowhere close to being ready as a starter.

I don’t see anyone being eager to help the Bombers repeat as champions, so the Winnipeg braintrust might have to rely on the scrap heap to find a serviceable back up QB for the playoff run.

Here’s two names for you that wouldn’t cost any assets - - Travis Lulay and Kevin Glenn. Both have been out of football for two years, technically three in the case of Glenn.

How ironic would it be to see Kevin Glenn get his lifetime achievement award and finally “win” a Grey Cup as a clipboard holder for the Bombers?


Or Harris back to ottawa, that might be what’s in store.

Harris didn’t leave Ottawa on the best of terms.

I can’t see him returning as long as clueless Desjardins is still the GM.

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I think PLOP has enough problems, don't you?
Toilet-training Caleb Evans is his #1 concern. Finding assistant coaches that weren't scraped from the bottom of the barrel easily #2.

Also a teeny-weeny problem replacing Justin Medlock!

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I think if Ottawa could get anything for Nicholls at this point - they should grab it - 4th pick, 3rd pick - - if they get as high as a second - take it!!!!

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I think I'm revisiting my initial thought about Wpg offering OTT a 2nd rd pick for Mr. Nichols. You're right Ken - thats too much! Way too much!!!
If Ottawa packaged up Louie Ward w/ Nichols then maybe a 1st round pick can be reasonably demanded. If its just Matt then a 3rd or 4th rounder is maybe all it takes.
Nichols is easily the most immobile QB still active in the CFL. Sean McGuire (current Wpg #2) might be the next slowest, immobile guy. Nichols has zero future in this league as a viable starter. His future is either as clip-board caddy for a year or 2, then coaching.

I do see the value in a stable QB for Winnipeg for that "just in case" reason.

The only problem in packaging up Louie Ward w/ Nichols is fan support. Ward might actually be the best and easily the most popular player in Ottawa. Trading him to Wpg, even temporarily could erode both fan and corporate support.

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Perhaps the Als could put a wrinkle in your wish for Harris wearing the Blue and Gold or the Red and Black now that Adams will be missing some time.