Trevor Harris may be gone for season. Pity, get well soon !

According to some on Riderfans, Rod Petersen has it from credible sources that Harris has a torn ligament and is done for the year.

I hope not. He's been playing great and becoming a real star which this league could use more of.

Rod Pedersen doesn't have any credible sources, he's the last "insider" to break any CFL news. While I don't think we'll fully know until the swelling goes down and he gets an MRI, Campbell didn't think it was serious and I'll take his word over Rod Pedersens.

AJ Jakubec ?@AJonSports 7h7 hours ago Regina, Saskatchewan
Rick Campbell says status of Trevor Harris unknown. Says injury doesn't look overly serious. #RNation #CFL

Trevor HarrisVerified account ?@Trev_Harris 1h1 hour ago
The love, prayers & support from everyone has been unreal.Can't thank the #CFL family enough. Truly grateful.I'll be back soon! James 1:2-3

Let's face it how would they know if he has a tear or a sprain until they do the MRI when they get back to Ottawa

Wow, if true this is definitely the Argo curse for the second year in a row.
Also for the second year in a row a former team QB was having a MOP year when injured.

What? Gale got injured?????? I was sure I saw him finish the game :wink:

And yet 5 seconds on google shows nothing to support Petersen having said this or anything like it. Nor is it in his column, not is it on his Twitter.

I see that you did there....HAHAHAHAHA :cowboy:

Gale was traded while we let the 2 blue chip prospects walk in favour of a pylon aging QB whose best before date has passed.
As for Gale, he has looked pretty good out there the past two games.

Starting to just think that Barker and Milanovich are some sort of quarterback scouting/developing messiahs and can find any quarterback at the drop of a hat and teach them the Canadian game. Really expect them just to find another stud after Ray is gone ...wouldn't be mad if they didn't though :cowboy:

The trading of Gale looks rather poor for my Argos right now?
Don't get me going on Barker and Milanovich, yes on the one hand kudos for finding Collaros and Harris, but the grave and likely franchise altering mistakes of letting both go may prove to be a killer for the next few years.
I have called a review of their status on another board and especially in light of Ray's up and down performance clearly on the downside of his career.

That was a bit tongue and cheek but it is an impressive track record they are beginning to put together with young QBs having success in the league, who knows how much farther Gale progresses but certainly not a bad start, but if I were to predict the future and you ask Barker 10 years down the road if he would have kept Collaros or Harris, he probably would say yes. I expect both Harris and Collaros to be battling it out for at the very least the next 5 years with Ottawa and Hamilton running the top of the division, and if Barker is unable to find a suitable replacement when Ray inevitably hangs it up, then he will be out of a job and kicking himself for hanging on to an ageing QB with a bum shoulder for far to long.

But at some point it does become strange trend of really good QB prospects popping up in Toronto. It happens in the league sometimes, Cats have had an incredible knack for finding good returners, Edmonton has had a crazy long history of stellar quarterback play, Montreal has been a receiver factory. I don't know, it'll be interesting to see how it all plays out it is becoming a fun narrative to follow in the league.

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thdn:

:thup: is one outing. He had a good game...don't get me wrong...but Jensen looked pretty good to. The Gale trade only looks poor if one feels he should have been ahead of Fajardo and Kilgore on the depth would seem that while they may have liked Gale still...and I have heard Milanovich is a little tiffed about losing him...that they may like the other 2 they kept 2 young QBs they liked more and gained a DE who is making an impact for them. Even if Gale starts a few games this year and does well it would be hard to say the Argos looked bad in this trade.

Yes it's very early for the Gale trade so the jury is out on this.
But the real tragedy is Zach and Trevor, both are the future of the league.
You would think they would have learned after letting Collaros go, so what happens Barker repeats the same mistake.
How stupid is that.
That's why his poor evaluation of talent for these two and when adding Gale in the short term, I would strongly consider firing both him and coach M.

Have to find a way to protect the quarterbacks.

If I was God for a day, I put flags on the QB's to protect them. No tackling the quarterback. Grab their flag and they're down.

Jensen only looked good because the Riders let him. Once they put the pressure on it was a different story and Jensen looked ordinary

Pedersen said it on air on the postgame show. It was way way premature for him to announce it.

Well.....Ray seems to be doing alright...and they had camp and a few weeks of the season to evaluate their other QBs. They seem to be pretty good at finding and grooming QBs so how can one say they have poor player evaluation? They let Collaros go because they felt Collaros and Harris were 2A and 2B, both capable of being number 1s....can't really say that appears to have been wrong. They let Harris go because they had confidence in the future HOF QB Ray and other players in the stable...time will tell.