Trevor Harris injured in OTT v. MTL preseason game

I'm no doctor, but that looked like a serious injury just based off his reaction on the field. The entire interception return he just sat there pounding the turf with his fist in pain, I imagine thinking to himself "GOD NO, WHY, WHY, OW, WHY, OW, WHY".

What a nightmare for Ottawa, hopefully nothing serious for Harris sake. Campbell said after the game they don't think it's "overly serious". That was right after the game though, he's going to need an MRI. Wouldn't be shocked if he missed the start of the year unless they completely dodged a bullet here.

Good guy it seems, has flashes of excellence, but does seem snake bitten with the injury thing. Here’s hoping they were overly cautious because it is pre-season, it is only a minor sprain or strain, and he makes a quick recovery.

What's worse then the Trevor Harris injury is how Drew Tate retires right after that injury. Ughmmm seriously Drew? That's pretty bad. I guess he liked being the bench warmer instead and now that he would be the next man up he retires. Not good for Ottawa.

Drew Tate was cut months ago and there was a story in the papers last week before the Harris injury that he had taken a teaching job and no longer interested in football.

Besides, according to coach Campbell - Harris will be 100% for the season opener.

You sound like Drew Tates agent lol just saying