Trevor Gaylor Released & Available!!

I would make this a priority for competition. He's got good size too at 6.3

He also has the dropsies. Signing him would be like signing Kamau Peterson again.

We don't need guys who catch the same amount of balls that they drop. We need guys who catch every ball thrown their way.

No! no! no! effin no! This guy is just another soft 6’3 player like Thyron Anderson and Cavil.

Stone Hands soft player no thanks

This league recycles everything, players, coaches, GMs, etc.

I like when teams develop new young talent. ie Chris Bauman. If he gets the playing time this year, he will become a big threat!

I agree we need a "big time" receiver but if someone is "that" good, they won't become available unless it's a money situation. In most cases, guys are released for a certain reason.

I agree... Bauman will be a force once he gets some more experience, confidence, and commits himself. A little more muscle would help too. (Are you listening Chris?)

He's quite inconsistent and has a penchant for airing his dirty laundry quite publicly. IMO, not worth a look - Curry was a better investment.