Trevis Smith - HIV Positive

Trevis Smith was arrested for sexual assault and the RCMP released he was HIV positive.

Hopefully he never plays in the CFL again. Having HIV is sad but infecting other people with it or at least making it a greater possibilty that other people become infected is just disgraceful.

If these allegations are true (innocent until proven guilty I realize) I hope he goes to jail for a long time.

I was so completely happy with the Esks huge win, then my girlfriend tells me about this, that is awful, he is truely a coward.

Trevis Smith is good man and was hard worker for this Roughrider team for the past 7 years. HIV doesn’t change that, and these are just allegations of this supposed sexual assault. I feel very bad that he has HIV and hope he can still live a long healthy life.

...if the Riders had previous knowledge of Smith's condition....and they should have if they had done a proper physical exam....then this is a bloody travesty for the league....I feel sorry for him and his condition ...but more for the people he has or possibly could have infected....that's like carrying around a loaded gun.....some heads are going to roll in Regina if all of this is true...and was covered up....what a sad revelation for the team and Regina... :!:

micheal vick has herpies

There are privacy issues which would prevent this knowledge becoming public without Smith’s consent. Even if the Riders knew of his condition, they are not permitted to release that information. Being HIV-positive is not a crime, nor is being promiscuous. It is a crime, however, to willingly pass the disease on to others without divulging that you have the disease. If Smith was willingly infecting others, as is claimed, and the Riders knew about that, then there are issues. Other than that, they are not responsible for the outcome. Yes it is a terrible situation, but let’s place the blame where it belongs. And, keep in mind, that these are all allegations until the courts deal with it…

I'm wondering if the "sexual assault" was that he had consentual sex with a woman without revealing his HIV status. If it is, there could be more serious charges down the road stemming from the incident.

"Innocent until proven guilty" is all well and good in a court of law, but there's also a court of public opinion. I don't want to see him play in the CFL until he is proven innocent. Even if he played for the Ticats, I'd be more shocked by it (closer to home and all), but I'd feel the same way.

And is that true about Michael Vick? I didn't know he played for the Vikings. :shock:

Supposedly that is the case Big Dave. And what I'm hearing on other forums is there are other victims out there that have never come forward. This is all speculation, but there was enough speculation to get him arrested.

I agree with you on the court of public opinion and not being able to play again until he is not proven guilty.

It's now standard procedure to test anyone accused of sexual assault for HIV. And, guess what - almost everyone who is accused is found to be HIV positive. People, everyone is HIV positive because everyone has been exposed to HIV through air transmission, door knobs, kissing, etc. So long as you did not have a severely compromised immune system at the time of first exposure then you too carry anti-bodies. If he's guilty of sexual assault then that is the crime. Berating anyone for being HIV positive is like throwing stones in a glass house.

WHo is berating anyone for being HIV positive? If someone is HIV positive that is sad but if anyone who knowingly has HIV gives to a another person without divulging they have it that is not only morally wrong but criminally wrong. I'm not saying Trevis Smith did this (the innocent /guilty thing) but this is for any case that has happened like this.

Also you cannot get HIV from door knobs or kissing or air transmission, if you don't believe me you can google it or go to any grade 9 health class.

Right...I remember about a year ago (if that), a guy was convicted of attempted murder for having unprotected sex without informing the women that he was HIV positive.

And if everyone is HIV-positive, from doorknobs and the air, then how is it that people who are tested come up negative? Even porn stars are tested every 30 days, and a positive test ends their career. The fact that there are still porn stars proves that most people are HIV-negative.

A historical moment, ladies and gentlemen: believe it or not, that's the first time I"ve mentioned "porn stars" on a CFL message board. :mrgreen:

Last I heard you had to be proven guilty. the courts...'innocent till proven guilty' the court of public opinion...'guilty until proven innocent'... alas....seems to be the way it goes... :roll:

reply to roughiefan:

On the web there are sites that claim all sorts of things. I prefer to get my information from professional journals. When I was in school I was taught that men and women have different numbers of ribs. I even asked my doctor, a man who had studied anatomy, if this was true, and he said it was. In fact, my school health class, the professional doctor, along with most of the population, were wrong. Once an idea gets into the public mind, right or wrong, it's accepted as fact. This is not the place for a long discussion on retroviruses but if you can email me for some more info if you like.

There is every likelyhood that Smith was unaware of his condition at the time of the incident. All I'm saying is that it is therefor unlikely that he could have been aware of his situation. The alleged sexual assault is apples and the HIV is oranges. Let's not mix them up.

I don't think that the RCMP had any right releasing the info that he is HIV positive untill he was actually found guilty. When this goes to court, there will be biased opinions of him, just like there is on this forum right now. He will not be given a fair trial.
If you charge him for sexual assualt, then release that, but don't bring in other outside information. This type of info should only be used for sentencing, because of the effect it will have on the victim. This has no relevence that he sexually assulted this woman.

Without commenting on this case, it is not uncommon in cases where a suspect is allegedly HIV infectious to have this info put out to the public in case more victims come forward. It is one thing to be charged, it is anothere to be convicted.

I have no idea if the CFL has a policy on people with HIV but I assume this will get some attention now.

Without commenting on this case, it is not uncommon in cases where a suspect is allegedly HIV infectious to have this info put out to the public in case more victims come forward. It is one thing to be charged, it is anothere to be convicted.

I have no idea if the CFL has a policy on people with HIV but I assume this will get some attention now.

Actually, it does, since Smith has been charged with aggravated sexual assault. Usually, aggravated means the alleged guilty party has used a weapon in the course of the sexual assault, but it can also mean that he was fraudulent in his actions: in essence, hiding HIV-positive status is grounds for a charge of aggravated sexual assault; therefore, the disclosure of the disease is relevant - especially given the claimed reputation of the accused person in this case.

Still he is Positive, this could affect the whole team if some of the other riders had relations with the same girls. Cause everyone knows that thier are girls that have relations with many of the players on the team.

I'm not sure what kind of school you attended...but they need to have their accreditation pulled. I (as I'm sure most people) have always known that men and women have an equal number of ribs. I did learn that in my school.

As for the HIV statement, you really need to educate YOURSELF much further before speaking on such a touchy subject. It most certainly CANNOT be transmitted casually in any way shape or form. This is simply due to the fact that it cannot survive outside the body. A good website for you to view would be

Of course you can find thousands of other sites yourself just by LOOKING!

Back to the topic of this thread. Good Football player......Sad situation (If guilty). If he is guilty, he should be punished accordingly.

As for the so called court of public opinion.....Opinions are like A**Holes, everyone has one.....means nothing!

Keep an open mind....don't judge....and just wait and see what unfolds in the upcoming days. :wink: